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Meeting Someone New

Meeting someone new can really be exciting and frustrating at the same time, especially with this age of ‘Mind Games’. Why can’t I simply express myself without feeling like am giving out too much or too little. Why can’t I send a text message or call if I miss you and really enjoyed our conversation together without feeling like am being forward and all up in your face…..Hmmmmmm.

I am one of those people that know from the minute I meet someone, if there will ever be a chance. Its either the chemistry is there or not. I don’t know how to grow to like or love someone over time. It sure works for some people.

What I hate most about meeting someone new is learning his/her habits. It can be frustrating knowing if he likes plain eggs or scrambled eggs. Unconsciously trying to fit into his concept of an ideal woman. Whether it’s wearing braids or weaves, wearing makeup or being natural. Knowing what his facial expressions means at every point in time. It’s tiring for me although for most people it’s exciting. I will just do what I like, either you like me or you don’t. Infact, you should be more concerned about me liking you! Worst of all, for my sisters who like to test the engine of a car before driving off from a showroom, is finding out if he is good or bad in bed. Yep, I said it. Knowing if he tilts his head or keeps a straight head while kissing, if he is pushing his tongue down your throat, pouring all the saliva into your mouth or actually trying to bite off your tongue. I am giggling so hard as am writing this piece because trust me, I aren’t confused about what I want. We all deserve someone who is compatible in bed with us. Like I always say, life is too short to manage certain pleasures. FYI, I am born-again, and don’t indulge in pre-marital sex (you all know my mum reads this blog).

Loosen up fellas and share the most exciting and worst date experience ever. This is mine…

Went out on a date with a very shy guy who ending up drinking too much in order to express himself. It was a total disaster. I don’t go on dates anymore because I feel it’s a waste of my time. I rather enjoy my meal having a laugh with friends or alone. Phones are there for a reason (you can tell me about yourself and life over the phone) when I decide to pick up! BITCH! Yeah you said it. Lol. Its all about preferences, but brings me to the next point in issue “Da Right Foot Principle” Watch out for the next blog post that tells us what to do while out on a first date.

P:S- Life is too short to second guess yourself on every turn. Chin up and take a dive. You either land on your head or on both feet. Either way, you tried. Choice is yours. Love is indeed a beautiful thing.

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