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Right Foot Principle

There is nothing wrong in putting your best foot forward. First impression is everything. You only have one chance to make a first and lasting impression. I for one am an old fashioned traditionalist. I believe in being treated like the queen that I am. The simple and little things matter to me.

What is the Right Foot Principle? Being on your UTMOST best behaviour when meeting people for the first time. Be it a date, meeting, presentation, interview etc. The right dress to suit the occasion, say the right things, being polite and courteous at all times. Meeting someone on a date for the first time can be as nerve racking as attending a job interview, work meetings or a presentation at work.

Here Are Some Tips To Help You Win:

  1. Be in command of who you are. (My Dad will always say, “Man Know Thyself”) that’s the Number 1 Rule.

  2. Dress for success. Take pride in your appearance and smell good. (OWN your choices and style of dressing) more importantly, dress right for your body type.

  3. Be Punctual. Arriving late makes a bad impression. If you are late, be sure to apologize.

  4. Be calm, polite and demonstrate inner confidence (especially when asked a question. Stand up straight, smile and shake hands while maintaining eye contact) remember to include other people in conversation either by speaking directly to them or with your eyes.

  5. You don’t want to be an ‘open book’ when meeting people for the first time. (Maintain your information boundaries).

  6. People want to see what’s good about your personality, so make sure you do yourself justice. (Reveal your strengths and not your weaknesses) it’s okay to sell your positives as long as you don’t seem boastful.

  7. Take responsibility for nurturing and maintaining your own self-esteem. Being assertive doesn’t equal rudeness. You feel confident to handle most situations, when you are competent in using basic assertive skills and can then achieve the respect you deserve.

P.SAlways maintain eye contact. The eyes don’t lie. Also check your body language, your body communicates as much about you as your words. Good luck!

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