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What Hardship Means 2 You

Photo Credit- Me

Hardship can mean a thousand different things to different people. I had car issues over the weekend when my little cousins visited. It was meant to be a fun filled weekend with loads of activities. On our way to the wedding, my car broke down. Ohhhhh, how I moaned and cursed at the world. Why was God punishing me on this very hot day? Fast forward to Monday after hopping taxis all weekend and cancelling most of our planned activities, because we all know how expensive taxis are here in Lagos.

I am at the mechanic workshop thinking how half of the year is already gone and I am still driving this same messed up jalopy of a car. God should know that was not our agreement for the year 2016. With my hands under my jaw as if the whole world was upon me, waiting for the mechanic to come with his bills, thinking of my life and all other bills/expenses that are pending, I couldn’t help but feel sad and a bit depressed, with these thoughts and feelings under the scorching sun. I look to my left and noticed some kids with buckets at a well. I saw one of the girls open the well and pick a bucket and I quickly rushed to her and asked, ”can you lift that?” she smiled shyly and said yes. I watched as she filled the buckets, at the same time, playing with her siblings. And I thought to myself, you don’t have the worst problem in the world. You didn’t grow up in such hardship. These kids do this on a daily basis and yet find joy and happiness in little. They are not even aware of the risks and safety issues involved in drawing water from a well. The things we take for granted. As these kids walk off with their buckets of water balanced on their head, I looked up to the heavens with tears in my eyes and I appreciated God again for my life and where I am today. I thank God for my car and I refuse to beat up my car again or call it jalopy. I appreciate everything and refuse to look at any mercy as little.

I will like to end with a quote from Joel Osteen "We create much of our own unhappiness with how we respond to negative situations and how we approach life. When you develop the habit of always thinking about God's goodness and seeing the best, life goes so much better. That's how you have joy despite what's happening".

I pray that God gives me the grace to appreciate life daily, to touch the life of people positively, to always leave people I meet with a kind word and a smile on their faces and to never take anything for granted.

P.S- Always Remember To Say Thank You To All The People Who Are Loving And Kind To You. Thank Them For The Sunshine They Bring Into Your Life!

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