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Most times, we go on a pity party for too long after a failed relationship. Feeling sorry for what we don’t have and what could have been. Nursing a broken heart and feeling sorry for ourselves. No matter how busy you are, being lonely on the inside sucks. We all want that special person that makes us their No.1 priority.

Well, people tell you about different rules on what to do and not do in order to keep the next guy/girl. The truth is, there is just one simple rule ‘SELF LOVE’. Love yourself. Appreciate and accept both your wonderful and very flawed personalities. Emphasis on ‘very flawed’. O boy, some of our flaws are really that bad. Retain the positive ones and keep working on the flawed ones. Only you can love you best. If you don’t love yourself, why will you want someone else to love you?

Look at it as a second chance at love and getting it right (whoever does anyway)*Huff* and be very appreciative. When you are younger, it is easier to connect with different people but the reality is this, when you get older, it’s difficult to connect with someone. When you find that CONNECT better enjoy every bit of it.

Faith tells us to believe that wonderful moments last forever. Make wonderful memories daily. Discover yourself and get to know YOU better. Date yourself for a while and find yourself. Spoil yourself. Take yourself out to lunch or dinner, go to the movies alone, buy yourself a gift (I always look for an opportunity to shop so this is so perfect *wink* I am making the best of my wonderful moments and creating memories everyday. You should do the same too.

P:S- Angels Come When You Least Expect. Keep Your Fingers Crossed, One Is Sure To Come Calling!!!

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