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Photo Credit: Veronica Walsh's CBT Blog Dublin, Ireland

Hey guys, happy new month of December! I trust you all are having a great week. So last weekend, I attended this fantastic event 'the launch of a spa- Irish Medspa' located at Chevy View Estate. You should visit there, quite serene/relaxing ambience. Well, something happened at this amazing event.

As an entrepreneur, I never miss a chance to network once I see people gathered. I really try very hard not to be a pest. I exchanged pleasantries with those on my table and I realized I recognized a lady sitting opposite me. Grinning like a fool, I told her that I know her from somewhere and went ahead to ask her what university she attended (Because I was sure we attended the same school). She looked at me and surprisingly, began to stutter. I kept waiting for her to make a coherent sentence for about 2mins and then she said, “I can’t remember the name of my school” WHATTTTT!!! I quickly masked the shock on my face up until my friend who also went to the same school whispered to me, “did she just deny her alma matar or what?”

The long and short of this story is that, she did not feel confident enough to mention to the hearing of others that she attended Enugu State University of Science and Technology (a state university) because she now has an accent I totally don’t understand. The ‘I must belong syndrome’.

Low self-esteem is the underlying cause of much of the depression people suffer. They feel that there are things they can't do well, especially as it concerns social skills, being successful, initiating and maintaining relationships, or having the courage to try new things. What we don’t also know is that, low self-esteem can lead to mental health issues including anxiety and depression.

Constantly trying to measure up or compare yourself to others has never done anyone any good. Be the best of who you are and try to be better each day. We are all unique in our different ways and its important to know that everyone cannot like you and you should be totally fine with that.

Until I come your way next week, keep being great. Set those goals, don’t conquer those fears but channel them positively to drive yourself to achieve formidable heights.

P:S- Stop Looking Outside Of Yourself For Your Value! Self-Respect, Self-Love And Self-Worth All Start With SELF!!!

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