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Hey Fam, Happy New Year. I trust you all had a fantastic holiday. I had an amazing time. My one and only sister got married and i had the privilege of planning her traditional wedding. For pictures, please visit my personal handle on instagram { @makusbaby } OR the official handle {@strugzinspires}.

I ate so much that i actually got sick. Don't panic, am all bubbly and as healthy as can be. I am back and ready to take on the new year. Are You?

I am not one to make new year resolutions. I just want to be... and achieve more than i did the previous year. More collaborations/partnerships, global recognition, create financial value from opportunities that come my way, explore new fields, travel more, make an impact in the lives of people, graduate with my PhD degree, continue to grow my brand and look for every opportunity to add value to the lives of my readers. You guys are my inspiration and my NO.1 GOAL. This is beginning to sound like a new year resolution, lol.

It's a new year with new opportunities. It doesn't matter how 2016 was, we must look ahead with HOPE in our hearts and keep moving forward. The mind is powerful. We first win the battle within us before we actually begin. This is a year we must stay in agreement with our purpose and set goals. Ask yourself what your purpose is for 2017 and what you hope to achieve by the first half of the year.

On the other hand, i am excited about all the programs/events that i will be bringing your way this year. I hope you make out time to participate. I will also be uploading the impact Assessment Videos of our 2016 events. This will enable us appraise the brand and see how we can improve our services to you. Also feel free to send any topic you want discussed on this forum and any event you feel we can be part of. You can reach me via:

+234 8058424788

As always, i appreciate you all immensely and i wish you a blessed and fulfilled year!!!

P:S - Always Put God First. A Touch Of His Favor Is All We Need To Succeed. Good Luck!

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