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As a startup or an entrepreneur, how do you sell yourself in a saturated market? A saturated market is a situation in which a product has become diffused or distributed within the market. As a brand you have to improve on your market strategies and be creative to enable your product stand out.

All over the globe, you will find out that, millions of people are into the same business as yours. This means that, there are lots of competitors existing in the market. But, the good thing is that, the level of your creativity enables you to stand-out in the existing market.

Here are some tips on how to maintain your position and hold your ground in a saturated market

  • Develop your product through innovation, be very creative and unique

  • Re-brand your business yearly

  • Set-out strategies and create a greater perceived value

  • Market pricing strategy

  • Create a panel of experts

  • Stay on top of trends

  • Simplify your business process follow and provide varieties

However, when we talk about creativity, we mean the use of original ideas to create something, to be inventive. Using the movie premiere of merry men “The Yoruba Demons” as a yardstick for creativity. The movie premier was different and unique. In the movie Industry, Ayo Makun (AY) carved a niche for himself in the saturated market, by being creative in his concept of the AgbadaChallenge.

The AgbadaChallenge made the movie premiere more appealing, visible and interesting to people. Ayo Makun (AY) added professionalism and creativity into his product which distinguished and made the movie premiere stood out.

The movie premiere was held on Sunday, 23rd September 2018 at IMAX Cinema (Film-House), Lekki Phase, Lagos State.

For your brands to be spotted, there is need to carve a niche that will suite your products and services. Do market survey, consider your kind of brand and endeavor to stay on top of the trends. All of these put together will influence the sales of your product.

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