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Hello guys, how does Personal Branding affect your business, how client perceive you and generally your brand in particular.

In the fashion industry today, there are lots of fashion shows organized around the world. The Fashion shows organized, are not just limited to fashion, but it involves Lifestyle and Personal Branding.

You might ask how?

Fashion showcases culture and lifestyle which personal branding plays a vital role. Different brands have been showcased in various fashion shows e.g the Lagos Fashion Week show, GTB fashion week show etc. This fashion shows created platforms for personal branding through Fashion and Lifestyle.

Lifestyle is often referred to as a way of life. It typically reflects an individual’s attitude, the way of life, values or worldview. Lifestyle is a way of creating cultural symbols that resonates with personal identity or brand. As a person or Business Owner, you can portray your Lifestyle on social media platforms which is a hedge for Personal Branding.

A way of style especially in footwear, clothing, accessories, makeup and hairstyle, etc. are classified as fashion. Your choice of fashion speaks volume about your lifestyle. Fashion is a style of life which expresses one’s self-esteem.

Your fashion sense has a significant effect on your brand and confidence. Your choice of dressing either gives you high or low self-esteem which automatically affects your brand/business by what you exude. When Fashion is mentioned, it is not necessarily about the cost of the outfit, but the effects of colours or the combo of the outfit. Lack of funds to purchase designers outfit shouldn’t be an excuse not to look good. But it’s okay to spend on some good designers.

Personal Branding plays a vital role in your business. As people would say, “look your brand”, how can you have a clothing store when you dress like someone who needs a stylist or otherwise. You must always be fashionable with the right lifestyle put up. These are part of business strategies.

Have you ever walked in somewhere and then received compliments associated with their interest of being part of the things you do?

What you sell through your charisma is what attracts people to get interested in your business.

Be conscious of developing self-management techniques to improve your business. Ensure to establish an impression or image in the mind of people.

Personal branding concept can be seen as a way or mood of packaging which results in the success of a business. You need to package your brand, starting from yourself to the products and services.

Personal Branding process affects the productivity of your business and also reflects positively or negatively on your brand.

As an individual or non- business owner, you can create opportunities through your fashion and lifestyle. Learn the practice of marketing yourself and your career. Dress the way you which to be addressed.

PS: Looking good is a good business.

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