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Hello guys, we are excited it’s the Christmas season!!!

Just a quick reminder to soak it all up and appreciate the ride in 2018. Celebrate your lows and your highs {it either taught you a lesson or it saw you through one}.

What are your thoughts on dignity in labor and how it affects your brand identity {personal or business brand}?

Wikipedia defines- “The dignity of labor as the philosophy that all types of jobs are respected equally, and no occupation is considered superior and none of the jobs should be discriminated on any basis “

In Nigeria, we are stuck in the professional mentality of being a doctor, lawyer, engineer etc and most times, are closed minded to exploring other opportunities and talents within us because we don’t want to be perceived a certain way.


Most people rather beg than be seen as a doctor turned farmer. Sad! Posh or Un-posh who cares, as long as it puts food on my table! The bible says in Ecclesiastes 9:10 “whatever your hands find to do, do it with all your might” that means, all your strength, abilities and focus, without care to what the world thinks.


As an entrepreneur or a career person, you need to identify with your brand, and you cannot do that if you are not proud of your hustle. Every legit work should be marketable and showcased.

I can never emphasis this enough, you are your best marketer both personally and as a business owner.

Identifying with your brand creates an avenue for expansion and better productivity. It is the work of one’s hands that decides what one eats. So why feel ashamed about your “hustle” that puts food on your table.

You should never be ashamed of any LEGITIMATE job or work that earns you a living and never let anyone make you feel less because of your choices as it regards your career or business.

No one can market your brand better than you do. Your charisma towards your job or business determines people perception about your brand or work.

Endeavor to make your work engaging and interesting to others.

However, the following has to be considered in our society:

  1. Everybody MUST get or create a job

  2. All legit jobs MUST be respected

  3. No occupation is considered superior since everyone is doing his or her best to EARN A LIVING.

  4. You NEED TO work even if it is a menial job. No experience is ever wasted.

  5. Everybody must work even if you are not working for money. You must work to actualize yourself.

PS:No Work Is Insignificant. All Labor That Uplifts Humanity Has Dignity”-Martin Luther King Jr.

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