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Hello everyone, trust we had a splendid weekend. This week, I am bringing your way a very crucial topic that will influence the productivity of your business or career. Let’s talk about optimizing our daily decisions. Decision making is one of the most exhausting mental process, and as a result, a lot of entrepreneurs fail in their line of business, due to its draining nature. But the fact remains that, a lot of quality decision making is required for a successful career or business.

Trust we know that our everyday decisions are shaped by the world around us. Many individuals have limited capacity to make a decision; which in turn, becomes a problem. However, such problem can be solved by optimizing the decision making process. Here is for you to learn the several methods on how to optimize your daily decisions (decision making)

1. Improve your decisions by being collaboratively independent. Waiting for committees to make decision may take longer time. For some situations, you can ask experts some pointed questions to enhance your decision.

2. Sometimes, it is better for a project to be delivered 90% complete a few hours early than 100% complete ten minutes late. Stop seeking perfection and be efficient in your decision making. The moment you stop waiting for everything to be perfect, then you can optimize your decisions daily. Do not delay in your decision making because some critical issues needs swift decision.

3. Make one decision at a given time. This exercise reduces mental stress and produces greater result for your business or as an individual.

4. Plan ahead so that you don’t get caught up in the middle of a meeting or other activities when you are required to make an urgent decision. Be in control and decide what activities you focus on daily.

5. It is okay not to have a complete data before making your decisions, but it is your responsibility to seek the right data. Use qualitative and quantitative customer feedback for analysis before proceeding with your decision. This process can optimize your daily decisions.

6. Admit your mistakes and don’t beat yourself up once you go wrong. Write down the mistake once you fail for reflection purpose. This can help you optimize your decision for the next day without repeating such mistakes in your decision.

7. Always automate your decisions and establish a daily routine whereby some events can be fixed for a particular time and duration.

8. Always avoid making crucial decisions in your worst moods.

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