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Welcome to another fruitful week. Understanding the myth about creativity depending on ones specialization can be super helpful. But firstly, a Myth is simply a well-known story which was made up in the past to explain natural events or justify beliefs. It can also be termed "false belief or idea".

The Myth of Creativity demystifies the processes that drives innovation. For anyone who struggles with creativity, the Myth of Creativity helps you overcome obstacles to finding new ideas.

Below are some possible Myths about creativity and the reality about these myths:

  1. I’m not creative: This particular myth is the kind that most people take on as their personal mission. It is true that some people spend more time in creative activities than others. But the truth is that, we were all born creative and as such, never limit yourself with such myth. Thus, science is clear about the fact that there are creative brain states that can be turned on by some fairly simple actions. This means that you can learn how to be more creative.

  2. Fear is a motivator for creativity: This myth is totally wrong. Any organization that puts up their employees under fear factor as a motivator for creativity, stands a chance of lower productivity and creativity. The happiest employee or management tend to be the most creative people.

  3. Creativity is only needed at the top: Creativity applies to everyone, no matter your position in an organization. In today’s world, businesses or organizations have their core priority on creativity which has over time helped in building creative teams from all angles.

  4. Creativity means creating works of art: Being creativity doesn’t equate only with creating fine art. So never judge your creative abilities. Creativity includes; cooking, programming, problem solving etc. It is not limited to creating works of art.

  5. Creativity can’t be developed: As individuals or humans, we all have tremendous creative capacity that just needs to be developed. Though, it may require some practice and focus.

  6. Technical skills and experience are enough: Creativity is the engine that drives the technical skills. Never be contented, but embrace and nurture your creative potential at all times.

  7. Creativity belongs to geniuses: Some people were born with an almost superhuman capacity for great work, but overtime, research suggests that, creative ability has far more to do with hard work and commitment than any natural ability; even for those people we call geniuses. So embrace and develop your creativity.

  8. Drugs makes one more creative: Often times, drugs can alter ones minds in a way that generate special thoughts to enhance creativity. But creativity has more to do with a number of ordinary thought processes and a combinations of divergent thinking and convergent thinking (check out my post on “How Your Thoughts Affects Your Productivity” to differentiate the two ways of thinking).

  9. Millennials are more creative: It’s more likely that millennials are more creative than the older generations because, they usually try a wider range of creative task. But study proves that all individuals are born creative irrespective of the generation. Learn on a wider range of creative task and you will be as relevant and creative as the millennials.

I hope this article debunks some of the myths about creativity and sets your mind on a high to become more creative in achieving those goals.

P.S: Do not hinder your creative ability dwelling in myths.

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