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Proper documentation is critical in almost every aspect of managing employees; but, this process is very essential for all business owners. Documentation helps in guiding you as a business owner or HR personal on your employment decisions and future actions such as promotion, pay increase, reduction in force, training, or even termination.

Why should you carry out proper Documentation on Employees?

  1. Proper documentation provides backup, and evidence of various transitions

  2. It helps your decision to justify current pay, position and promotion over others

  3. Documentation helps you as a business owner or manager to take favorable and unfavorable actions such as promotion, discipline or termination with your employees

  4. In the event of lawsuit, it can serve as proof that the employee was terminated for reasons that are legal as opposed to others such as illegal discrimination.

What to Document?

You need to document the employee’s performance, both positive contributions and failures. Below are vital information you need to document on all your employees:

  1. Job application/resume/offer letter

  2. Change in Pay/benefit selection

  3. Leave request

  4. Appraisal / complaints

  5. Performance appraisals

  6. Corrective actions

  7. Rewards and recognition information.

How to Document?

All records and data must be protected from identity theft and confidentiality leaks. Thus, Data stored in computers must have sufficient firewall protection to ensure the information is not accessed by the wrong people.

Documentation can be done manual or automated.

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P.S: An employer can change the terms of an employment contract providing that the employee is inform within record time.


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