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Suicide is an unavoidable topic and as such, we must talk about it to help limit/stop such insane act. Welcome to the month of August. Kindly subscribe to my YouTube channel (Strugz Tips), like and drop your comments. Be your neighbor’s keeper by referring people to my channel and website.

A lot of people are now suicidal due to the state of mind that they find themselves in, although, some commit suicide due to alcohol, drug abuse or other mental disorder. Thus, broken homes, broken relationships, failures or even financial issues should never be a yardstick to commit SUICIDE!

Feeling depressed? Talk you someone.

Having suicidal thought? Seek for counseling

Passing through pains, difficulties or heartaches? Have hope.

In Nigeria today, suicide is very rampant, starting from the poor to the rich. It is in our place as citizens to help provide preventive and control measures to people who are suicidal. Below are some ways you can help save a life:

  • Encourage them to get help for depression

  • Encourage them to see a mental health professional

  • Help reduce access to means of suicide (e.g. Pesticides, firearms or certain medications)

  • Don't ignore the person’s feeling

  • Introducing of alcohol policies to reduce the harmful use of alcohol should be considered

  • Be a good listener to them

  • Never be afraid to ask about their suicidal feelings.

Do you know that, Suicide is a punishable offence in some parts of the world and Nigeria is one of the eight African countries that criminalize it?

Attempting suicide is a criminal offence in Nigeria, and it carries a penalty of up to one year in prison. It can be found Under Section 327 of the Criminal Code Act.

Also, according to Section 326 of the criminal code, a person will be charged with a felony and liable to life imprisonment if he or she aids, counsels, procures another person to kill himself.

In 2015, Lagos State amended its law to recommend hospital treatment for those who have attempted suicide. But the law has yet to be changed at a national level.

It worries me that someone who is ready to take his or her life is entitled to punishment. I wish and hope that, the laws will be amended or abolished. I will also like to hear your opinion on what you think about this law, please drop opinions on the comment section. Ensure that you do not encourage suicide on social media or any platform. But rather, recommend medical help or professional counselling.

P.S: Always find solace in something you love doing to prevent depression or suicidal thoughts. Remember to stay safe and healthy always as your wellbeing is prerogative.

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