The fashion industry has a huge impact in our society. Fashion is not just restricted to gorgeous and expensive dresses, it has become the way of expressing oneself, getting creative and innovative. It is very vital that we embrace the new trends in-order to make money. Ride with me as I teach you the ways to make money from the fashion industry notwithstanding your position or career. As I always say, side hustle is crucial….. Lol


  1. Be fashion forward- You can’t sell products or services you do not understand. In order words, you must understand the body-type, skin tone, color combos, trending and unique style for smart casual, business casual, etc. Because, this factor is the first step to making money in the fashion industry.

  2. Design your own outfits- Learn the tricks of DIY (DO IT YOURSELF), how to sew with needle and thread to twist some of your old or new purchased wears. This factor enables you to create your own unique styles, which in return attracts the public to be interested in your product, thereby making money.

  3. Wear your designs- Your designs must be projected to the public. Get someone stylish to wear your designs, and wear them yourself with a great personality and confidence. This is the best way to advertise and market your brand for financial gains.

  4. Create social media pages- Research fashion contents, take strategic pictures in strategic locations without payment and post them on your handles. Ensure that you edit all your post to give a lasting impression to your viewers to attract customers to patronize you.

  5. Pricing- Ensure that your products and services are not overpriced, make them affordable for a huge turnover. This factor is another key component to cashing out easily, thereby making money.


  1. Fashion blogging

  2. Become a catalog writer

  3. Become a representative, direct sales consultant or online stylist

  4. Wear good makeup and hair

  5. Create designs

  6. Attend events (free and paid events)

  7. Be an influencer.

Since Fashion is an art which stimulates and inspires people to express themselves, take advantage of it. Express your created designs, personal identity (brand) and innovations to the world.

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