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The Strugz Tips is here again with another insightful topic. This topic affects most of us irrespective of our backgrounds.

Why does a tenants have to suffer with different issues from a landlord even after fulfilling all obligations? Well, welcome back to this platform and enjoy the vital tips, as I disclose the various rights you possess as a tenant in Nigeria.

But firstly, who is a Tenant?

A tenant is a person who occupies land or property rented from a landlord and is subject to the payment of rent. With this established, let us proceed to examine the tenant rights, and what they mean to you as a tenant in Nigeria.

The Rights as a Tenant

Below are some rights you should know as a tenant:

1. Right to Issuance of Receipt of Payment - It is your right as a tenant to collect a receipt of payment after payment is done for a property. This is an essential part because:

  • The receipt is needed for the calculation of a mesne profit and the precise time frame for a valid quit notice

  • It clears allegations of your inability to adhere to timely payment of rent.

2. Right to Written Agreement- Always opt for a written agreement because, a written agreement removes all elements of doubt and ambiguity. Always be careful with your written agreement because some landlords are known to duplicate a single agreement and use this for all their tenancy agreements.

3. Right to Occupy Rented Property in Peace- Once the parties append signatures on the written agreement, you earn the right as a tenant to occupy the rented property in peace. This right is absolute and gives you the authority to sue trespassers; including the landlord or caretaker. Though, they can maintain the property, but it has to be done with your knowledge.

4. Right to Valid Quit Notice Before Eviction- According to the Recovery of Premises Law, a valid Quit Notice must be written and served to you before your landlord can terminate your tenancy. Although the duration of the Quit Notice varies. More information on the video.

5. Right to a Compulsory 7 Days’ Notice to Recover Premise- Also, under the Nigerian law, you are entitled to a compulsory ‘7 Days’ Notice to Recover Premises, after the expiration of the initial quite notice.

There are much more to know about your right as a tenant, head to my YouTube channel @STRUGZ TIPS and watch a full version of The Tenant Rights in Nigeria. Subscribe to the channel, like, comment and refer others. Thank you!

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