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Welcome to that time of the year we all share love with one another. A season where we lavishly shop gift items, decorations and other household items. As a result, Christmas has become an extravagant season.

However, I want to drop this short epistle, and also acknowledge your presence on this platform. You have made this year count, from reading all our posts, to commenting and staying glued to my YouTube Channel. Thank you!

In addition to all the tips shared with you throughout the Year, I want to draw your attention to the expenses that comes with this season #smiles….

For many of us, the Yuletide can quickly burn through our cash thereby, making some people start their January on a tight budget. But with some clever planning, one can avoid financial issues. Unplanned or impulse purchases during the holidays aren’t always bad, as long as you keep your budget in check and try to save extras.

Below are some tips to guide you through the merry season while ensuring that your finance is on track for the New Year.

1) Have a Budget – Set aside funds as your threshold limit, this process prevents you from being financially strapped after the holidays.

2) Make a list – Take your time to create a list of all the things you need ranging from food, groceries, gifts, events, decorations and miscellaneous.

3) Figure out the total amount of money you want to spend on Christmas presents. Draw up a gift list for families, friends or colleagues. Create a budget line item for each person on your gift list and ensure you stick to it.

4) Know when and where the best deals are – Most items are placed on discounted rates as a result of the season. You can locate a store (online or physical store) to carry out your Christmas shopping.

5) Resist Temptation – Do not let emotions take over your original plans.

6) Always factor in extras in your budget for unknown circumstances. It is necessary to infuse miscellaneous into your budget for unseen factors.

Thus, the essence of this season is to spend quality and valuable time with loved ones, and not to show off the wealth you have acquired from the beginning of the year. Ignore all kinds of pressure and implement your budget to avoid debts and setbacks.

MERRY CHRISTMAS From all of us at STRUGZ. See you in the coming year!

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