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Happy New Year Guys….. I am excited about the New Year and all the treasures the year is loaded with; Hope you are ready?

Let’s kick start the year with a reminder about your New Year resolution. Some people are great at making New Year's resolutions, and also great at forgetting about them in a hurry. This might occur due to lack of discipline, or the goals (resolutions) may be frightening.

But to really have a transformative 2020, you have to set aside resolutions that can help you achieve the dreams you have always been gunning at.

Ways on How to Make Your Resolutions Count

  1. Motivate yourself through your passion: Your resolution has to be in line with your long term goals. Do not create goals that are not in line with your passion because it might be disastrous. Crafting goals that relates to your passion helps motivate you on a daily basis

  2. Organize your time efficiently: Be realistic about how much time you will need to fulfill your resolutions. Draw up a calendar and create a timely schedule for each goal

  3. Rely on a good support network: It can be difficult or challenging to make your resolutions count if you are not surrounded with like-minds

The Dos and Don’ts to Making Your Resolution Count

1) DO: Find reachable goals and take one step at a time

DON'T: Never change your entire lifestyle for resolution purpose

2) DO: Scheduled activities and plan ahead to achieve required goals

DON'T: Stop Procrastination

3) DO: Shout some of your resolutions from the rooftops. There are greater chances to success when struggles and achievements are shared with someone

DON'T: Never keep all your resolutions secret

4) DO: Believe in yourself that you are capable of completing all the goals.

DON'T: Get discouraged if you slip up.

Stay glued to our platforms for more post and tips this amazing year.

We wish you a Prosperous New Year.

God Bless!

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