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Dear friends, how are you? Yes, YOU! Trust you are all keeping safe, washing our hands and sanitizing. These are dark times, but we are OVERCOMERS, and this too shall pass.

This has been a time to reflect and strategize on how best to serve you and your business better. We have come up with different strategies, cutting across different sectors, to help your business come out stronger during this crisis.

Despite the odds and uncertainty that beseech every sector, we must find a way to survive. Not just stay afloat, but CONQUER. My bible tells me that, “when there’s a casting down, I shall say, there’s a lifting up” because I’m a believer and a child of the most high God.

So let’s look for and explore every opportunity from this pandemic Covid-19. Just like every depression phase, some sectors will boom, and new sectors will emerge. Read voraciously, listen, assimilate, ask questions and invest wisely. Only those that are truly hungry will survive.

Always remember, that LOVE makes everything better. That feeling you get when you share, can never be quantified. This is a time to stay on that high called KINDNESS.

Friends, stay safe and survive this phase. Those who stay alive by every means possible are the winners. Stay prayed up and never loss faith. Always ask for God’s direction in every decision you will make this period, because it will affect your future. We love you, but God loves you more.

Our doors are open at STRUGZ for any Legal and Business advice you might need. Our teams are always available for scheduled virtual meetings and consultations. Let’s work together to get your business through this phase, and come out stronger, together!

For more information and support, please call us on +2348058424788 or email (For Live Stream Legal and Business Tips on Instagram, kindly follow @strugzinspires AND @amaka_orakwue

Stay home to stay safe. Together we will defeat Covid-19.

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