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Human resource is the most prioritized capital of the world’s leading organizations and industry drivers, which is evidenced in their human resource management approach and the quality strategy developed to effectively manage it.

It is no news, that your people are your greatest asset, and this cannot be over emphasized because of its value and the consistent need to have a balance across all your organization’s capital assets.

Now, here’s a definition of human resource management and human resource management strategy?

Human Resource Management:

Human resource management is the practice of managing people and resources to achieve a better performance. It focuses on principles, methods and technologies to improve the productivity of an organization. For your organization, it is the process of setting goals, procedures, and objectives in order to make your company or organization more competitive and effectively deploy employee skills and talents, as well as other organizational resources to achieve these goals.

Human Resource Management Strategy:

Human resource management strategy is basically the plan, your organization creates to effectively manage its human capital and objectively align it with its vision, goals and business objectives. The plan could be short or long term. However, it’s most advisable to have a human resource management strategy that contains a short term, long term and a revision plan or hire the services of a HR consultant like STRUGZ to handle it.

A great human resource management strategy:

A great human resource management strategy is often designed around the following and more:

v Planning and developing effective teams,

v Fair and performance-based compensation,

v Clear cut job functions with accountability systems,

v Optimized skills and talents-based work responsibility,

v Making information easily accessible to those who need it,

v Hiring the right people and training them on relevant skills, etc.

A defective or less efficient human resource management strategy:

Here are some evidence/signs/proofs of an ineffective or less efficient human resource management strategy and they include:

v Rewards and recognition problems,

v Frequent employee conflicts and employee turnover

v Inadequate workforce training and capacity building program,

v Fragile work teams, poor team building structures and employee bonding plans,

v Etc.

That said, here are three basic steps you can implement to help you create or improve your human resource management strategy, it constitutes the following:

v An analysis of your organization goals and objectives

v How organizational resources would be allocated and deployed

v A short term and long term implementation plan with flexibility for revision.

An analysis of your organization goals and objectives:

Conduct a clear analysis on your organization goals and objectives across it business activities, which would help you understand:

1. Where you are,

2. What you have and,

3. Where you want to be in the industry you serve.

Organizational resources allocation and deployment:

1. This aspect has to do with the plans you have, to judiciously use organizational resources (e.g. financial, time, personnel, etc.) to adequately accomplish the strategic goals and objectives.

A short and long term implementation plan with flexibility for revision:

Under this section, you would need to do the following:

1. Create a feasible short and long term plan on what your organization wants to accomplish

2. What set of human resources are required to help you accomplish it (employee skills fitting).

3. What human resource management approach (strategic fit, high-performance management, high- commitment management and high-involvement management, etc.) would be applied

4. Allow for plan evaluation, review on effectiveness and periodic improvement of your plan to drive effective human resource management.

A careful consideration and implementation of this three basic steps would help you set the trajectory for organizational growth through an effective human resource management strategy.

More importantly, it is most recommendable to outsource this responsibility or consult the services of a professional human resource management firm like STRUGZ, with a track record of consistent success with regards to the subject, to help your organization uniquely create an effective human resource management strategy, which would accomplish its vision seamlessly through a formidable human capital.

To contact us for this service and more, kindly use any of the social media icons/links on this page to let us know how we can be of service.

Cheers, and do have a wonderful week ahead.


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