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4 Ways to Boost Your Productivity in the Workplace

It’s very much common in the workplace to get carried away with being busy, without continuously measuring your productivity. As an individual, working on a team; it is always important to remember that your productivity counts and significantly impacts the team’s growth.

Team productivity is usually measured by the goals accomplished or outlined set objectives achieved by its member. So, making effort isn’t just enough if you want to accomplish a set objective for your team in the workplace; it has to be deliberate, targeted and timed.

As a team member, your productivity would be measured by outlined expectations, time, and resource management. That said, if you wish to boost your productivity, here are 4 sure ways you can get that done.

i) Self-Discipline

ii) Innovative Thinking

iii) Time Management

iv) Stress Management


No great result in the world has been accomplished without a required level of discipline; no matter what you do, you need to maintain personal discipline if you want to achieve a set objective.

Discipline with regards to the subject of our conversation is a determination to maintain self-control or abide by a set of rules that regulate one’s behaviour. Now,

This is what you can do to improve self-discipline effectively:

i) Identify and deal with what needs to change for your personal discipline to improve

ii) Clear your desk, workspace and work environment of all forms of distractions

iii) Avoid chit-chats if you haven’t accomplished set goals for the day

Innovative Thinking:

“This is how it is usually done” is a perspective and mindset of individuals who don’t want to grow by trying out new things. Don’t be afraid of the word “NEW or CHANGE”, rather prepare and position yourself to have the advantage when it happens, because it eventually will. Change is the only constant thing and people will always discover new, better and smarter ways to getting the job done.

These questions would stir you into innovative thinking in the workplace:

i) How else can this task be done more efficiently and effectively?

ii) How can I make a difference and become more productive?

Time Management:

Time is one of the greatest resource in the world; and a good sense of managing it to your advantage is vital for being effective. An important factor for productivity is time management, which is a very deliberate action.

This is how you can improve your time management skills:

i) Understand what needs to be done, how and when it should be done.

ii) Break down your tasks into simpler bits and allocate considerable time

iii) Maintain personal discipline and follow through with your tasks

Stress Management:

There are several causes of stress with unique trigger for each individual, and its early identification, would help you manage stress more effectively. Stress is a common health concern that can directly affect and impact your workplace productivity.

These are things you can do to manage stress more effectively:

i) Rest well at night with a minimum of 5 hours sleep-time

ii) Map out your work processes, procedure or strategy

iii) Simplify cumbersome processes and procedures

iv) Be result focused and time management conscious

These tips if well implemented, would greatly boost your productivity; have a productive week ahead.


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