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” It’s not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving.” Mother Teresa”

It is the Christmas season! In today's edition with Strugz, we want to emphasize giving and showing love at the workplace. These days, the act of gift-giving is inextricably linked with the holidays. And as materialistic as that can seem, it is not exactly anything new. “Gift exchange is one of the oldest and most widespread ways for people to communicate”.

Everyone loves gifts, it symbolizes appreciation of the other person. It does not have to come from your family alone, but your co-workers and employers too. With the hectic year about to end, as an employer, how do you show your employees that even if work has been tough, you appreciate every effort they make in growing the organization? And as a co-worker, how do you also show your colleague that you pleased being on the same team with them?

Christmas is on its way meaning Santa will soon be here with a sack full of presents for everyone. Secret Santa is a fun, easy, and entertaining way to help businesses of all sectors and sizes get in the Christmas spirit, for members of staff and employers to get to know each other better and to boost morale at what can often be an extremely busy time of year.

If you are keen to introduce Secret Santa at work this festive season but are unsure what is involved, look at what exactly is Secret Santa is and how you can play it in your office or at the company Christmas party.

What Is Secret Santa?

Secret Santa is a long-standing Christmas tradition in workplaces across the world.

One of the most generic versions of the event involves members of staff drawing random names to become a colleague’s Secret Santa. The Secret Santa is presented with a wish list of present ideas of which they select one to give the recipient of the gift.

What are the rules for Secret Santa?

Organizing a gift exchange? Your Secret Santa rules are:

Write down the names

Have everyone take part in the secret Santa celebration write their names down on a piece of paper.

Make a Wish List

Ask everyone to write down two or three presents they would like to get. Also, ask them to be as specific as possible. Just "scarf" might not get you the scarf you want. But “blue wool scarf” might.

Draw the names

Then, the most fun part! It is time for the draw. Get everyone to put their name into a hat, a bowl, or a basket. Let every player draw a paper, one by one. Make sure people do not see each other’s papers.


Set a date for the celebration

Pick a date when everyone is available for the gift exchange.


The celebration

When you come together on the day of the actual celebration, make sure that everyone’s gift has a tag with their giftee’s name.


Do: Participate.

Even if you are feeling more like the grinch than Santa this holiday season, not participating can make you stand out as someone who is not a real team player. Remember, the point of Secret Santa is to help foster teamwork and booste employee morale. "If it's within your budget, I would recommend doing it because it shows your willingness to participate in a team-building activity,".

Don’t: Force participation.

Secret Santa should be voluntary. Be mindful that some people may not have extra gifts in their holiday budget or may not want to participate for religious reasons.

Do: Thank your gift-giver.

Even if you do not like your Secret Santa gift, you should still show your appreciation for the gesture and thank your Santa. “That person went out of their way to purchase something for you that they thought you would like,”.

Don’t: Whisper to your co-worker how much you hate your gift.

Remember office gossip can spread like wildfire. You would hate for the word to get back to your gift-giver that you dislike your gift.

So, in the spirit of the holidays and being thankful, what plans of gratitude have you made, or are you making towards your employees/co-workers? Ti's the season to show love.


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