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“The bad news is time flies. The good news is you are the pilot.”

-Michael Altshuler

Welcome to another insightful edition with Strugz. In today’s edition, we are connecting the dots and sharing tips on finishing the year strong together and starting the new year even stronger.

It is amazing how fast each year comes to an end and a new one starts again. Can you believe we have less than 5 days left until the end of the year? A lot has happened over the past year, that has made us linger with questions and answers, we do not have. But still, we persevered, pushed, and finishing stronger than how we started, this should be tagged as our greatest accomplishment.

How many times have you thought this to yourself in the past couple of weeks:

I will do that in the New Year.

I will start that new exercise routine or diet in the New Year.

I will apply for that job in the New Year.

I will have that conversation in the New Year.

I will sign up for that course in the New Year.

I have been hearing this a lot from friends. ​ I guess that most of those things you have not finished on your list for this year have now gone onto the list of “Things to do in the New Year”.

But what if you could take a few of those things and cross them off your list NOW?

What if you could finish strong and set yourself up for an even better New year?

Have you ever run a race or played in a sports game? What happens towards the end of the game or the race? Do you slow down, get distracted, and want to give up? No, you do the exact opposite; you dig deep, gather all the energy you have, and push to finish strong.

Instead of using December as a reason NOT to do all those things on your list, why not use it as a DEADLINE to get stuff done?!

Take control of the end of the year; do not let the season sweep you into a shopping, party-filled, too-much-to-do frenzy; live this December with intention and a focused mindset.

Here are 5 ways to help you finish the year strong

Look at your goals from the beginning of the year. Is there anything on that list that has not happened yet, but you know you still have time to achieve? Something important that you wanted to do or accomplish this year? You still have time. What can you do?

Identify one thing you have been procrastinating on. You know what it is. For some reason, you just keep pushing it off. That website you wanted to finish? The article you wanted to write? That call you need to make? What is the one thing you want to get OFF your list before you head into the New Year? What would make you feel proud, excited, or relieved to know you can mark it off your list before the clock strikes midnight?

Imagine yourself on December 31st. When you look back at the year, what will you wish you had done? This can be big or small. Was it talking to your boss and asking for that raise or a new project? Getting that new haircut that has been pinned on your wall? Forgiving someone so you can enter the New Year with that off your chest? What do you need or want to do so you can look back and feel awesome about the year just gone, not with regret or disappointment about what did not happen.

Stop it. Sometimes it is as much about what we stop doing as it is about what we start doing. What bad habit do you want to stop? What would bring greater peace, joy, and ease to your life? Stop worrying so much. Stop criticizing yourself. Stop saying 'yes' when you mean no. Stop over-committing. Stop complaining. What do you want to stop doing?

Chill out. Yes, amidst all the suggestions of what you are going to make happen, one of the things that you may need to do is relax. Especially during this busy time, it is especially important to take care of yourself. Get that massage. Go to bed early. Take the yoga class you have been wondering about. Say 'no' to that party you do not want to go to. Take the time to meditate, self-reflect, and practice gratitude.

Now, it is about deciding what is most important for you and taking action. Pick just one – okay, maybe two – things to act on before the end of the year.

What will make you feel accomplished? What will make the biggest difference to your health, wellness, happiness, or success? What will make you feel more in control, more confident, more relaxed, or at peace as you finish this year and start the next?


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