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How about celebrating Nigeria’s democracy day this year in a memorable way? Certainly, in these times when we are faced with numerous challenges common to other nations. As a people it has been proven that we are tough, courageous, strong-willed and hardworking; which forms the integral and part and critical constituents of who we are. It is no news, that we know how to make opportunities out of every crisis; building bricks from the straws life throws at us. This a true definition of who are, as a people!!!

Today adds to the list of annual historic events we hold to celebrate our democracy as a nation. You might be tempted to ask: why and what should I celebrate? OPPORTUNITIES.

Every product and service we patronize today, is based on perceived value; which was created by the provider, by leveraging situations that present itself, to meet a need. So, the question should be: what business opportunities does the current state of things present to us, a people? A change of perspective is all that’s required to answer this question and have the advantage all the time. Now, what do you see?

STRUGZ as a human resource management and training organization is an advocate of total mind transformation; changing perspectives and helping individual, corporate organizations, etc. to see or create business opportunities where none is in existent. This is what defines our core values and service approach at STRUGZ, as an organization.

A half-empty glass of water is also a half-filled glass of water, which is based on the individual’s perspective. This is applicable to the history of creation from chaos – the Bible; for instance where someone sees a dumpsite for their refuse, another sees a potential land filled with tourism or business opportunities, capable of generating tones of dollars in annual revenue; and another, may see the opportunity to transform both the land and the waste to wealth.

It’s all a function of how you choose to see and what you see. This is why at STRUGZ, we provide management consulting to help businesses (small, medium and large scale) see or create business opportunities for their organizations.

STRUGZ is a Public Relations, Legal, Management and Training Consulting Firm, with a passion to transform minds in a dynamic way that helps the client rediscover potentials and maximize capacity.

We have a portfolio of successful projects and happy clients across business categories (small, medium and large scale) who have used our services and are satisfied with the value we’ve added to their organization. We can help your business achieve more success than it currently enjoys.

Let’s celebrate this democracy day memorably and historically, cheers!!!

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Office33 - 12D Wole Ariyo Street, off Admiralty way, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos-Nigeria.


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