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Business processes have experienced consistent improvement and changes, from new innovations stemming from the opportunities of leveraging technology to make things easier. Certainly, you will agree with me that significant changes have been implemented in the last five years across industries, business processes and models of operation; with yours inclusive.

For instance, the banking industry has maintained a steady increase in new technologies that have simplified payment solutions, funds management and other settlement schemes. The competition in that very industry, and the demands to meet emerging new customer demands, keeps the players on their toes to speed up their innovative drives; however, have you noticed that, as a customer of one of these banks you were at one time or the other prompted to read a new terms of service, service policy or updated conditions for continued use of services, from such bank.

The above is also evident in the tech industry, with top examples from apps and online companies, where they release new updates weekly or monthly on their various platforms and prompt users to update app, and agree to the new or updated terms of service.

Now as a business, a lot of factors demands that you stay on top of your games through various innovations, process improvement, and service delivery approaches; and, there’s nothing wrong with staying ahead and offering better services than your competition. New innovations, often broadens or shrinks the scope of activities of any business, which necessitates the need to review your terms for business from time to time.

It is also important to note here that customer/clients can either be a source of profit or loss, based on your model business operations. For instance, when you serve an enlightened class of the society who can, and have the capacity to sue your business for damages accruing from the use of your product, service, or the promises made before purchase was made, etc. This set of customers/clients will not hesitate to launch a law suit against your business, when they deem fit.

Reviewing the terms of service for your business is like tying up the loose ends, filling loop holes, and ensuring no mischievous customer/client takes advantage of your business unduly. It’s very much advised to periodically review your terms for business, by engaging the services of a legal consultant or law firm like STRUGZ; as every customers/clients will like to have the advantage.

A legal and business consulting firm like STRUGZ, can help you handle this need, through a wholesome review of your business processes, procedures and promises, as against market realities, to effectively provide your business with a legal advice and as well as draft terms for service, suitable for your business .

STRUGZ is a Public Relations, Legal, Business Management and Training Consulting Firm, with a passion to help you build and establish your business through well-structured legal advice that will continuously minimize your business risks while exploring new opportunities to maximize profit potentials.

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