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The harder I practice, the luckier I get.”—Gary Player.

From performing the proper research to enhancing your resume, there are several ways you can improve your chances of getting hired. Here are some effective ways you can get noticed by hiring managers:

  • Get to know the company.

  • Compose a compelling cover letter.

  • Redefine your resume.

  • Work with a career coach.

  • Rehearse the interview.

  • Prepare a persuasive narrative.

  • Be aware of body language.

  • Promote your soft skills.

1. Get to know the company

Before you apply for the job, research the company to understand who they are and what they do. Study the job description to align your skills with what the company is looking for, and highlight relevant skills on your resume. Thorough knowledge of the company gives you the advantage so you can demonstrate how you can improve business or fill a need.

2. Compose a compelling cover letter

Your cover letter is your chance to provide evidence of why you are the right candidate for the position. Use keywords and phrases from the job description to demonstrate your awareness of the roles responsibilities and how you meet its expectations. Try to anticipate what questions the hiring manager may ask and answer them in your cover letter.

3. Redefine your resume

Resumes that list job duties lack the vital information that tells the hiring manager why you are the best one for the position. When evaluating your resume, be sure it is outlining not only your duties but how you performed them in ways others might not have. Use job-related keywords and action verbs such as "created" or "designated" throughout your resume to lend impact to your statements.

4. Work with a career coach

Consider working with a career coach to help you strategize your approach to a job proposition. A coach can inspect your resumes and cover letters and help with applications. Your career coach can also challenge you to set professional goals and form plans to reach them, including suggestions for ideal jobs or complementary industries.

5. Rehearse the interview

Research the company you are interested in to determine what kind of interviews the company conducts. Some hiring managers may ask you to present a case study, provide a sample of a project or tell a story of how you accomplished a task. Perform searches to find out what other candidates have experienced in similar interviews, and rehearse your answers with a friend or colleague.

6. Prepare a persuasive narrative

During an interview, you might be asked to tell the interviewer about yourself. While it's fine to talk about hobbies and interests, keep the focus on the position and tailor your answers to fit the job description. Craft a compelling story that illustrates how you solved a problem, made improvements or overcame an obstacle at work.

aware7.Be of body language

Present yourself in a way that conveys openness and willingness to learn and grow. Make eye contact with the interviewer and remember to smile. Keep your body language relaxed by keeping your arms uncrossed, taking deep breaths and slowing your speech.

8. Promote your soft skills

While your resume might list your hard skills, be sure to highlight soft skills such as teamwork, communication, problem-solving and time-management in your cover letter and interview. Qualifying for a position means you have both the technical skills the job requires and the ability to be flexible, work independently or collaborate with colleagues.

More and more, employers are bypassing the traditional mode of hiring and taking on people through referrals. Because of this, you don’t actually have to wait until a job is advertised online to let a company know you are interested.

If you want to work at an organization and they aren’t hiring at the moment, use your networking skills online and in-person to get an introduction or showcase your value in a well-written cover letter and resume. There is not just one path to landing your dream job, but those who succeed know, it’s all about positive relationship building.


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