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Welcome back to our platform where we educate you on various life, career, and business principles. In today’s edition, we discuss the various ways women can get ahead in their careers or whatever aspect of their lives especially in male-dominated fields.

When it comes to identifying strengths, most women are not aware of the possibility that they have any. A high percentage of content out in the world are put out by men and because of this, there is some confirmation bias from women that men are the ones expected to get ahead in some fields while there are only a few unanimous fields where women are permitted to dominate or thrive in. This mindset has stopped a lot of women from getting to the peak of their careers.

Society has stereotyped that women are supposed to be anything but persistent, career-driven, confident and outspoken, and if a woman possesses any of this character trait, they are perceived as rebellious, annoying, demanding, unreasonable and disrespectful. However, this is what has led women to relegate themselves to the background. As a woman who wants to get ahead and successfully navigate male-dominated territories, these tips are for you:

  1. Don’t be afraid to ask for more: Did you know that women all over the world still earn consistently less than men even when they work in the same position? The reason for this is because women are afraid to ask for more. After all, they do not want to be perceived as annoying or too demanding, while men are comfortable to ask for more.

  2. Don’t be afraid to speak up: Whether in a conference meeting or one on one meeting, if your opinion is asked; don’t be afraid to confidently and without arrogance say your bit or share your opinion.

  3. Be assertive: Women have to learn to be assertive. Mostly, women avoid assertive behavior because they do not want to be labeled as “bossy”. Women mostly talk softly because they believe anything except that tone would hurt the feeling of those around but this is a necessary behavior because it allows people to take you more seriously.

  4. Don’t be reluctant to Compete: A healthy dose of competition is good from time to time. However, women are reluctant to compete for roles, positions, or promotions because some believe that competing is ‘unfeminine’.

  5. Always maintain a power posture: It is important to maintain a powerful posture because your posture says a lot about you. A study has shown that men always spread out when they sit, they occupy space when they stand, even at meetings, their files are scattered around the table not because they are haphazard, but because they are not afraid to take more. However, the same cannot be said for women.

These are typical mistakes that women make that prevent them from reaching their full potential in male-dominated environments. With the above tips, learn to stand your ground in a competitive male-dominated environment and find the balance between embracing your femininity and not making the wrong move in a game still ruled by men.


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