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Human resource management can simply be defined as the effective handling of people in an efficient manner in a company or organization with the aim to maximize their potentials in achieving the organization’s goals.

Invariably, human resource management have an impact on Staff Retention, as effective human resource management gives rise to high staff retention.

Human resource management should be a concern for managers of all level to provide space for employee involvement, performance improvement and growth. Now, we will be discussing on good human resource management and its benefit to improve staff retention.

Firstly, an organization with high employee turnover should use well informed measures to find out the cause; and with the help of HR analytics, analyze the information (data) collected in other to discover new useful insights and areas that need adjustment.

HR professionals should always endeavor to participate in trainings and courses geared towards identifying and analyzing people related problem such as:

Decision Making: Learn to make critical decisions that is likely to cause severe effect on an individual, based on objectives rather than intuition or gut feeling.

Conducive Workplace: HR professionals should have it as a responsibility to research on feasible measures within the organization’s budget; that will improve working conditions, social activities, productivity and general workplace wellbeing.

Work-Life Balance: Human resource management gets better when it effectively regulates work hours and ensure that there’s a work-life balance amongst the workforce.

Communication: Adequate communication, collaboration, transparency and feedback are all important in every organization as this makes staff in any hierarchy feel included and valued.

Emotional Intelligence Test: is an important evaluation carried out to be certain of each employee emotional issues that will affect their work and decision making process; thereby negatively affecting their relationship management and work handling skills.

The above listed and many more have proven that Human Resource management plays a vital role in maintaining and retaining your best hands on the team. As an organization, STRUGZ can provide you with a workplace/working condition assessment service to determine what can be done to reduce employee turnover and train your HR officials as well.

Every employee wants to work in an organization that values and supports their wellbeing and development; it is also important to note that, treating employees as organizational asset and potential source of revenue, is very much advised.

STRUGZ is a Public Relations, Legal, Business Management and Training Consulting Firm, with a passion to help your organization improve its human resource management activities and employee retention.

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