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Job Satisfaction. Why is it important not only for employees but for the employer too?

Employers job satisfaction is the extent to which employers are happy and content with the quality of jobs and engagement gotten from their employees.

We can all agree that the major way an Employer can gain adequate job satisfaction is by seeing growth and development, increase in productivity and also an increase in company revenue.

Below are things that can lead to job satisfaction for employers;

Lower Staff Turnover: Turnover can be one of the highest costs attributed to an organization. Retaining workers helps to create a better environment, and makes it easier to recruit quality talent and save money. An employer that has a low turnover rate for their staff/employees will achieve job satisfaction especially because, they spend less in recruiting and training new employees.

Higher productivity: An organization always gets maximum satisfaction when they achieve higher productivity. Higher productivity is the main aim and desires of an organization. When productivity is high, it leads to job satisfaction for the Employer.

Increased customer satisfaction: When customers (either old or new) are satisfied it will lead to job satisfaction for the employers. And when the employees give the best customer service, customer retention and loyalty will increase. If customers’ loyalty is increased, automatically it will lead to an increase in profit.

Helps to earn higher revenues: Higher revenues will help lead to job satisfaction for the employer, because the sole aim of an employer/ business owner is to make profit. And when the revenue increases in the organization, the employer then gains job satisfaction.

The above listed and many more based on research, have proven that job satisfaction plays a vital role in maintaining and retaining your best hands on the team. As an organization, it is advisable to hire the services of a competent professional or consulting firm like STRUGZ to help you conduct an assessment, to determine ways in which both the employer and employee can have adequate job satisfaction.

Note: An employer’s (organization) aim is to make profit in business. Also, organizations that offer job satisfaction to their employees tend to record more productivity in the workplace, which is very important in attaining job satisfaction for both the employer and employee.

STRUGZ can help your organization record more success in promoting employer-employee job satisfaction. We are a Public Relations, Legal, Business Management and Training Consulting Firm, with a passion to help your organization improve in both your employer and employees job satisfaction.

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