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Firstly, let’s start with defining ‘Best Hands’

Best Hand is having the ideal fit for any particular role that functions effectively and efficiently to produce optimum results.

At STRUGZ, we specialize in sourcing for only the best for you, amongst various qualified candidates.

We go through the hassle of advert placement, and, fine combing through multitudes of submitted CVs.

We have our experienced team of recruitment officers critically assess selected candidates through various stages of interview; verbal and written.

Holding an interview and evaluating the right candidate, can be quite a daunting task and experience for all parties involved from start to finish.

To select the best crop of candidates suitable for your job, the following ideals will always apply to enable you get the best results; and, they include:

  1. Be adequately prepared, both the interviewer and interviewee need preparation.

  2. Study the resume of the candidate and identify areas you need further details when interviewing the candidate.

  3. Have a good description of the job role you need to fill in, identify the key strengths and skills needed to excel and prepare questions that align with your research.

  4. Have a clear picture of the personalities that fit into the role to enable you read body/non-verbal language of the interviewees.

  5. Focus on their specific experience and accomplishments, ask candidate for full insights.

  6. Be intentional about discussing interviewee’s passions and general interest and inwardly tailor it towards the job role.

  7. Be calm and courteous; this enables you get the best out from your candidates who in return becomes relaxed.

  8. Again, do your own due research about the candidate to get additional information beyond what’s on the CV.

  9. Lastly always remember that with room for growth, candidate with potential can bring a new perspective and fresh look.

At STRUGZ, we help our clients select the best fit for any role, executed by our trained and experienced team who sources for the right candidate through all the various stages of recruitment; starting from the publishing of job advert to all the assessment processes and finally ‘hand picking” the best hand.

STRUGZ is a Public Relations, Legal, Business Management and Training Consulting Firm, with a passion to help you build a great team that will continuously increase in service delivery excellence, explore new opportunities and maximize profit potentials.

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Phone No: +234 805 842 4788 | +234 814 247 7508

Office33 - 12D Wole Ariyo Street, off Admiralty way, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos-Nigeria


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