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On a scale of 1 – 10, how would you rate customer’s loyalty to your brand?

Research has proven from market data that lots of organizations have a huge budget, in millions of dollars to drive marketing and customer loyalty programs in order to accomplish their revenue goals. Yes, this aspect of the business is very much important for survival given the fierce market battles for customer acquisition and retention. However, research data also confirms that this organizations barely have a reasonable budget to train their workforce that’s responsible for piloting the business activities.

It’s also agreeable that there’ve been fears which restricts some organizations from training their workforce such as: employees leaving for competitions with bigger pay packages; cases of employee developing challenging health conditions, etc. But the real question on this subject should be: “Has the deficiency of sponsored corporate trainings prevented employees from leaving? Or prevented the workforce from getting sick?” Your guess is as good as mine.

Until we dare our fears, we may unknowingly have disenfranchised our organizations from reaping and experiencing the numerous benefits that accrue to workforce training. Notwithstanding, let’s consider among the list, top four, of these benefits which includes:

1. Process Improvement

2. Customer Satisfaction

3. Customer Retention

4. Revenue Growth

Process Improvement:

The people, are the greatest resource of any nation, organization or group, etc. This basic truth can’t be overemphasized. It’s the people who improve existing processes that their predecessors created prior to arriving the organization. But, how can someone improve on what they don’t know much about? Even professional associations, bodies, or groups make resource available for knowledge gathering, consultations, research and brainstorming sessions, to mention a few aimed at improving and developing new trends for process improvement, periodically.

As an organization, implant or out-station training can be the ice breaker you’ve been looking to have for the next level success. Currently, new changes take place across industries daily basis as your competition and other market forces are not backing down; your organization should not be left behind. It’s highly recommended to outsource trainings to reputable human resource management firms, if you want your organization to experience a whole new dimension of training.

Customer Satisfaction:

The entire service delivery network is responsible for customer satisfaction with processes involved from the point of customer acquisition to loyalty retention. It cuts across understanding the customer and their expectations, purchase experiences, managing pain-points, increasing engagements, and service commitment, etc. now, only a trained workforce can effectively take-on the tasks of customer satisfaction.

Also, it is advisable, to leverage the services of training organizations who perform the role of a third party, to experience your brand, its business representatives and the service delivery processes. It provides a holistic view from the customer’s perspective, experiences with the brand, processes, and representatives involved in the course of service delivery. The information gathered here, is used to develop a tailored training designed to solve your brand’s customer satisfaction needs. STRUGZ can help in this capacity.

Customer Retention:

Imagine the pain of going to the stream to fetch a bucket of water and afterwards pour it into a leaking tank; the same is true for spending enormous resources to convert prospects into paying customers, only to loose them to poor customer relationship and retention management programs.

This can be effectively tackled through seasoned workforce training, continual process evaluation and monitoring customer satisfaction index. A reputable human resource management organization like STRUGZ can help you meet this need through a structured business consultation.

Revenue Growth:

When innovation happen and processes are improved, it reflects on customer satisfaction and loyalty retention, which creates the opportunity for the business representatives to upsell cross-sell other company products to customers. New streams of revenue growth can be unraveled and activated from the brainstorming sessions with consultants on process improvement, customer satisfaction and loyalty retention.

You can train your workforce to deliver and help the organization accomplish its aspirations and objectives within the industry; and the choice is yours. Note: it has been proven that organizations that consistently contract the services human resource management firms, have continually enjoyed the numerous benefits that accrue to workforce training.

STRUGZ is a Public Relations, Legal, Business Management and Training Consulting Firm, with a passion to help corporate organizations like yours, build great businesses that will continuously increase its customer loyalty, exploring new opportunities and maximizing profit potentials.

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