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Hurray it’s celebration time!!!!!!!

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, so it’s time to celebrate you for who you are and what you’ve done in the last one year; come on, you truly deserve it.

You see, in life it’s easier to focus on the things that aren’t working out yet or what we intend to accomplish, such that we fail to acknowledge the much we’ve done in the present. However, self-appreciation after a hard or smart work is one sure way to motivate yourself into achieving more.

I have identified from in-depth research that there some common perspectives to work and who is a worker.

Here are some common fact about work:

v Work is a task or tasks to be undertaken

v Work is executed to earn or save money

v Work is engaging in a physical or mental activity in order to achieve a certain result.

v Work is providing service or other form of value in exchange for a proportionate compensation.

Here are some common fact about workers:

v Workers create or provide value for the society

v Workers expend time, creativity, talents, skills, etc.

v Everyone who works is in service or (disservice) to humanity

Now, there’s a myth that workers must earn money each time they work or have monetary commensurate, to show for all the effort or service they offer to humanity; but, this isn’t justifiable. For instance, a couple can decide on who stays at home to manage the home front (mum or dad) in order to save the bills of hiring domestic staffs to handle the same set of chores professionally and more, with a sense of ownership.

Now the one who agrees to stay at home is obviously working as a caregiver, facility manager, teacher, etc. without being directly paid (volunteer). But, the larger members of the society has been made to believe that if you are aren’t earning money, then you are not providing value to those who need it. In this case, whoever takes on this responsibilities, is inversely earning because they created a room for savings. Meaning, if your work helps people save money (internship, volunteered or paid, etc.), you are providing value to humanity.

The above stated case scenario is one out of many, in which the society has downplayed the effort of many people in nation building. It’s imperative to know that if you can place a price tag on whatever you do and have someone pay for the service or product you make available, you are working – QED.

At STRUGZ we believe in value, productivity and rewards, so we preach it. So, if you ever provide value that people are willing to pay for, and are productive at it, you should as a matter of fact, first celebrate and reward yourself before others do. Treat yourself the way you want to be treated.

Today is the international workers day, designed to have you and others, celebrate YOU, the way you want it done; so lead the way.

As a worker (active or retired), you mean so much to the world and your valuable contributions to humanity, no matter how small, is impactful and makes the world a better place. Never forget it.

As an employer of labour, what better way can you celebrate your workers; if not to leverage this opportunity to organize a paid trainings that would build and improve the workforce capacity, you know. It’s now proven that the best way to reward your employees is to help them become a better version of themselves through training, and STRUGZ can help you get this right. Contact us today via the channels displayed on this page to begin.

So let the celebration begin. Cheers!!!!!


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