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About Us

STRUGZ is a Public Relations, Legal, Management and Training Consulting Firm, with a passion to transform minds in a dynamic way that helps its clients find a rhythm and maximize its potential to a maximum capacity. We organize Business and Financial training, with  Networking opportunities and partnerships for Startups and Entrepreneurs.

We understand our clients' language, We live the way they live. Our clients success is ours. Hence, we rely on consistently maintaining high standards for service and consultancy; to always be able to get the best resource persons to bear on every single project.

We are committed to acquiring preeminent knowledge in different management functions as well as the most excellent knowledge in different sectors for startups and entrepreneurs. Utilizing such knowledge helps maximize the value of service we deliver to our clients. We help our clients explore extraordinary opportunities, manage and sustain growth, and maximize revenue.

Experience our Project Management Services that is embedded in our proposed services:

Our services include:

  • Business Advisory

  • Legal Contracting

  • Branding

  • Artist Management [Entertainment Law]

  • Training and Development

  • Human Resource Consultancy

  • Event Planning

  • Financial Risk Management

Business Advisory

STRUGZ Team members work closely with its client by diligent research mechanism, which enables us tackle the actual problems with hands-on measures to achieve desired outcome. We offer solutions and tools, answers to real life challenges especially in critical areas of exposure.

We assist clients' in prioritizing, and managing risk; leading to achievable strategic objectives and keeping business on track. We identify vulnerabilities and formulate the proper actions to mitigate risks and impact on business growth by building an efficient and effective 'Disaster Recovery Plan' which might involve a re-branding of a clients' business.

Human Assets

We are People oriented. We make sure ours is a Safe-Haven where we help you protect your most valuable asset: 'Your Mind'. We help resolve virtually any kind of dispute or business abnormally.

Project Management

Projects are temporary activities, designed to deliver unique goals and objectives. With less emphasis on project management skills development, small, medium or large businesses may end up with low quality, over budget, unsuccessful projects. Project management success requires discipline at both the individual and organizational levels.

As project management experts, we understand how hard it can be to change behaviors. We will work with you to solidify adoption of your process and build the required discipline that will guarantee your long-term success. We provide temporary project management resources to meet the needs for any contract length. Through our experienced certified project managers, we supplement project teams with: leadership and planning necessary for successful project completion/closure; coaching of individual project managers and their teams; supporting execution of an organizational change program acting as external 'Project Management Office' to audit projects, assess risks, and enforce compliance and coach enterprises PMO team during this transition period.

Our Code Of Business Ethics

We are Solution-driven. Our core business is "Continuity Management". For many people and feedback thus far, our advisory services are, quite factually, life-saving. Corporate responsibility defines how we achieve our goals. The way we conduct our business helps build client relationship and trust, this in itself ensures continuity.

We meet high ethical standards in all aspects of our work, and we are committed to help address challenges. Its important to us that our clients can count on our support. Our reputation, the standards we operate and our employment practices also affect our ability to attract, retain and motivate the best people.

Our Clients

We understand that our clients work in all sorts of business sectors and industries and may be Startups, Entrepreneurs, Corporations or the general masses. They have different goals, with different needs, even their cultures and environments might be different. Despite these differences, they share a number of common goals.

They may wish to develop a competitive edge to maintain their growth in increasingly competitive business environment, achieve business goals to have the minimum impact for interruptions, better nurture their staff to achieve to their highest performance levels, make an immediate, measurable and lasting difference in their enterprise by improving their project management skills and be more solution-driven.

Our Differentiators

  • Trusted advice from experienced people- All consultants have a minimum of five(5) years in industry and consultancy experience.

  • Near-term results and long-term sustainability- All recommendations will be actionable, based on experience and be focused on near-term results and longer-term goals.

  • We develop workable strategies- So often a great strategy has poor implementation or implemented without a clear goal. At STRUGZ, we help you avoid this gap by aligning your operations to support a strategy that aids the success of any transformation.

  • Easy to do business with- This includes contracting, resourcing and commercial arrangements.

  • Openness and trust at all times- Integrity and trust is our mantra, not a marketing afterthought.

  • Relentless client focus- We focus on delivering the best solution for each client, not on force-fitting solutions.

  • Innovative methods and tools- We believe that methods and tools should support, not replace consultants, leaving our people to focus on value-add ideas and client specific innovations.

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