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Saturated Job Market

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I find it so painful that with the present economy, people are being laid off everyday from their jobs. These people have families to feed, bills to pay and an uncertain tomorrow financially. The Nigerian legal system should provide for Employment Insurance. This should be the right of every citizen under any form of employment. Let me go further to define what Employment Insurance means (Employment Insurance provides temporary financial assistance while you look for work or upgrade your skills. This should be available to individuals who lose their jobs through no fault of their own, due to shortage of work, seasonal or mass lay-offs but are available for and able to work, but can't find a job).

I was told it was easier to change jobs while still in another job. Guess what? I have been looking to change jobs for two (2) years now. Jobs aren’t easy to come by. It’s either you are over qualified for the job or the companies want to under pay you. Nobody cares about qualifications and experiences. Most times, people just want to employ based on people they know. Sad part is, same people want to take advantage of you. Either it's sexually or by over working you and paying you peanuts. Gosh, you are a professional. You go back to the drawing board, continue applying for those job vacancies that is all a scam because the companies already know who they want but they just have to post out those vacancies to seem like they play fair too. Then some even go further to invite you to job interviews, not giving a damn that you have to pay your bus or airfare, accommodation and feeding to be at these sham interviews. Boils down to the same thing, they already know who they want. Then those that finally get a job after all these get paid almost nothing. You can then imagine those fresh from National Youth Service Corp (NYSC). A compulsory one-year program for all graduates in Nigeria, before you can get employed anywhere. Sad isn't it? But we keep trying, yes we do. It's all a roller coaster, sometimes it works out, other times it doesn’t. Just keep your head up and keep moving.

Despite the hard economy, let’s not lose sight of the blessings that might be found in times of disappointments. Look beyond what your eyes can see and ask yourself if it’s time to delve into new territories. Try something new. Push the limits and boundaries you set for yourself. You might just be surprised at the strength and talent you find within you. Dare to become an entrepreneur. Find out what you love doing and how to turn it into financial value. Will you be scared? Definitely. Fear is an emotion I deal with everyday. From when I get up in the morning, starting a new project, studying for exams, giving my heart a chance at love, attending interviews etc. But I overcome fear by telling myself that I have the most important person and tool on my side (God and Prayer). I make sure that my dreams are forever bigger than my fears. I wake up, put actions behind my prayers and faith, and I conquer one step at a time. Why dream at all if you are going to dream small? Dreams are free. Open up your mind and imagination to all the possibilities out there and go conquer the world.

P.S- There is always room at the top. Remember, your greatest competition is the person you were yesterday. Strive to be better. Good luck!

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