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The Best Of You


What does that even mean? Can there be a best version of you? When you become the Best, what becomes the next course of action? Do you now live in limbo of that concept or do you just die? All these are very important questions we should all ask ourselves. I constantly hear people talk about working hard to be the best that they can be. Let me burst your bubble, there is nothing like the BEST. It can always be better. A better cake design, outfit, career, relationship or marriage etc. We just decide to be contented with the concept of the word ‘Best’. It’s a choice to see the best in someone, be contented in your career and a choice of a life partner. Even in the simple things as picking out an outfit.

I am smart enough to realize that there is no Best version of me. I am in a constant state of growth. I keep striving to be a better version of myself everyday. I am a work in progress and a masterpiece simultaneously. I can do whatever I set my heart on. I am that strong woman, capable and ever willing to learn. I am the exception to the rule that you can’t have it all. Why can’t I? God has put everything within me that I need to succeed. I will keep soaring like the eagle and continue to conquer one step at a time. I can have a career, family, hobby and be super happy all at the same time. Yes I can and so can you. Let go of the restrictions and depending on people for your happiness.

P:S - You are sufficient. Quit trying to get from people what God alone can give to you.

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