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Who is a Cynical Single? A bitter, sneering, distrustful, contemptuous, or pessimistic person.

Do you notice how when single ladies/guys meet together and talk about relationships and marriage, all they point out is the marriages and relationships that didn't work out. All the negatives of why 'I rather be single than be in that type of marriage' cynicism, of who got divorced and cheated on?

Well Cynical single, how about those who made it, those who are genuinely happy, obsessively loved, adored and carried like eggs? (Akwa ugo- An Eagle’s egg is very precious/priceless) Don't we all want that?

I refuse to be a cynical single just because I am not married or don't have a better half! I believe in the magic of love and forever! I grew up planning my perfect wedding day. In fact, I have planned my perfect day in my head like a zillion times and I have the opportunity to plan my only sister’s wedding! Yayyyyyy (Dancing Azonto) Did I just hear you say CONGRATULATIONS…….Thanks guys, she will surely hear.

But guess what, that only makes me better than the various wedding/event planners because I have attended more weddings than I can mention. I have become so familiar with details and mistakes! What does that tell you, I will just make sure I don't make the same mistakes I learnt in all those weddings I attended put together! I’m just gonna make my 'WAIT' count. Let’s not forget, a wedding is just ONE DAY, Marriage is for a LIFETIME!

Yes, I am single, happy, living my life one day at a time and pursuing my dreams. Sometimes I get lonely and wish I had someone to cuddle and call my own BUT I refuse to be cynical!

P: S-Find fulfillment in the waiting and if it doesn't happen, this life is not a rehearsal, live it up and be happy the best way you know how!

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