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Hey guys, I trust everyone is counting down to Christmas. Though the economic situation, we shall celebrate. Today, am going to talk about the word ‘RESILIENCE’. This must be an action (power, capability, ability etc) to bounce back from a difficult situation. The key word here is ‘difficult’.

What are you resilient about? Well, I will tell you what I am resilient about after venting. Moreover, that’s what we come here to do without fear of being judged.

I read Toke Makinwa’s book “On Becoming” and I commend her greatly for opening up herself and sharing her experiences/testimonies with us. Most especially, I admire her resilience to take back her life despite all odds and work on becoming the best version of herself daily. I went through different stages of emotions as I read that book (I cried, pity, anger, more anger, resentment and nonchalance). One of the things I learnt and reaffirmed after reading that book is the fact that, you can never force someone to love you. Just like I said in my last post YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH!!! There must be someone out there that loves you just the way you are. Looking for validation from someone else most often bothers on abuse. Learn to remove yourself from situations that don’t feed you.

I am an Onitsha woman and people connote that to mean PRIDE. The bible says ‘pride goes before a fall’, but it’s important to reserve some pride for you. With a bit of self-pride, it’s easy to remove yourself from certain situations. I now also realize the reason why I am still single –I can’t believe people have this ability to forgive THIS MUCH… Although, I rather be single than be in an abusive relationship.

Enough said. So what am I resilient about? I am trying to recover from illness. This year has been a challenging year for me regarding my health. Hospital bills and days I don’t feel like getting up. I am an over comer (A Strugger). God has been faithful, and everyday I feel stronger and energized. I am thankful for life.

Let’s be more empathetic to everyone that crosses our path. We all are dealing with something. It might be abuse, joblessness, financial challenge, health issues, loss of a loved one etc. Be kind and leave someone feeling better than they met you.

Till I come your way next week, be safe and let us know what you are resilient about? Put Action Behind The Word! Good Luck.

P:S -Never let anyone define you or your potential. Take control of your future.

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