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Hi guyz, welcome to the New Month Of February. It’s the season and month of LOVE… I go love ooooo.

We are thankful for a successful event (Contact Check Contact Plus Seminar) and thanks to all who came out to be a part of it.

It was not your usual boring professional event.

Guests were given the opportunity to pitch their business ideas and sell their businesses in 2mins because that’s usually all the time you have available while networking or talking to a stranger. You must engage their mind in 2mins. This and more was said by Ini Abimbola (Nee Onuk)- Founder/CEO Thistle Group. She handled the ‘UNDRESS YOUR BUSINESS’ segment and made us realize that, “it is better to undress and redress than GLOW in drabs”.

Pastor Goke Coker (Author of God’Fessions) took on the ‘BUSINESS & CAREER DEAL BREAKERS’. He spoke on Collaborations and Good Customer Service as useful tools to grow any brand. He disrupted our thought process and blew our minds.

Last but not the least was Ubong King (Founder of Trouble Maker). He handled the thought provoking SUCCESS STRATEGIES. He made us realize that, for you to get out of trouble, you must first get into trouble. He also said we should all take a risk with our passion and its okay to make mistakes.

All in all, it was a powerful session, and guests utilized the speed-networking segment. People left the event practically sealing up deals.

Please follow our handle on social media for more pictures:

Instagram- @strugzinspires

Personal handle- @makusbaby

Facebook page- haven

Until I come your way next week, remember, find your passion, keep reading, draw up a good plan and make sure it’s a solution to a problem. Most importantly, execute and always ask for help when you need it.

P:S- Collaboration Is Key! Two Good Heads Is Always Better Than One!!!

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