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Dare To Fail...

Hi guys, I trust we all are having a wonderful week and meeting those deadlines. I am struggling with trying to study and also look for opportunities to pay the bills. No matter the situation of the economy, bills keep coming and must be paid. In my next post, I will tell you guys how I manage my finance and hold myself accountable. I started this journey of counting every kobo this January, so far, I am not finding it funny but its actually working.

I am also pushing to make sure I meet the target I set for myself this week.I am one of those people that believe in the power of positive thinking. We call into being the type of energy we surround ourselves with. Being around positive energy goes a long way in affecting our thought process and pattern.

So I am looking at ‘FAIL’ in this context to mean, the ability to try or start something new without the fear of failure. If it doesn’t work out the first time, who says you won’t succeed the second time around.

I don’t let the fear of failure weigh me down, instead I see them as a learning curve to achieving my goals and desired results.

Our thoughts come from our mind, and what we feed our mind affects our creativity. In this day of social media, what are you feeding your mind? When you open up your timeline, what do you see/hear. Do you follow people of like minds? People who inspire and motivate? People who make you laugh? Or people who make you judge yourself?

What we feed our mind, we become. My timeline says a lot about my choices and this helps me appraise myself and hold myself accountable.

What are you feeding your mind?

P:S- Its Not How Many Times One Falls Down That Matters, But How You Pick Yourself Up And Keep Pushing!

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