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Prisoners Reformation And Rehabilitation Center {PRRC} is a non-governmental organization that works towards reformation and rehabilitation of ex-offenders ensuring smooth transition as they re-integrate into our society by training programs.

The entertainment industry is a sector that has so much influence on youths and a better engagement of this sector is vital to prevent youths from going into prisons, engaging in crime and terrorism.

Date: 4th of March, 2017

Time: 9am

Venue: National Library Yaba, Lagos State.

Come out and be part of effecting change and make a difference.

Registration is FREE and still ongoing. Seats are limited though...

Don't miss out. Click on this link below to register

The founder of this organization (Mr Chima Chinedu) in his final year in the university was prompted to start up this organization after his experience on a visit to the prison. He witnessed the emotional agony a mother went through as the prison warders interrupted her visit to her only son, she feel and cried and cried for her dear son as they took him away from her.

In his quest to find ways to contribute and assist in helping the inmates, he started teaching computer in the prison. The computer training grew and caught the attention of other local NGO's and one of them (PRAWA- Prisoners Rehabilitation and Welfare Action) contributed and donated computers to assist him in his training.

The computer training gradually spread from the eastern prisons in Nigeria to Northern prisons in Nigeria and till date has equipped many inmates in the prisons all over Nigeria, with the skill and computer knowledge.

The small computer training class has gradually evolved to becoming an NGO "Prisoners Reformation and Rehabilitation Centre", with the ultimate vision to reduce crime rate and terrorism in Nigeria by equipping our youths both intellectually, morally, financially and otherwise.

He recently donated and lunched a musical recording studio to assist talented inmates in the area of music. The launching of the studio at "Ikoyi Prisons Lagos was graced by the BBC UK award winning "Welcome To Lagos" documentary artist Vocal Slender and as well the Chairman "Amnesty International" Nigeria and founder of "Life wire Foundation" Mr Authur Judah Angel.

The organization recently decided to engage in programs and activities to prevent youths from going into prison, engaging in crime and terrorism with the initiation of "EYL".

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