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It is the end of another administrative cycle, and the election season is upon us. Our focus should be centered on the credibility of the candidates and the kind of values they will bring into our economy/society. We all have to exercise our voting right.

Election Essentials contains everything you would need to stay safe and be prepared on the Election Day. Below are list of the essential items needed to make the voting process conducive for everyone. It is advisable that you eat your breakfast before leaving to your various polling units.

Here are the important items you might need to go along with while stepping out to vote on Saturday, 16th February 2019.

  1. PVC: Double check your bag or wallet to ensure that you have your PVC

  2. Additional identity card

  3. Face cap

  4. Sun-glass

  5. Umbrella

  6. Mobile phone

  7. Headphone

  8. Water

  9. Power bank

  10. Canvas shoes

  11. Go along with extra funds for unforeseen circumstances.

Do not wear clothing carrying party insignia (for security reasons), dress smart and casual for comfort. The items listed above are essential for the election process, to protect your face, body or head from the scorching sun due to the weather discomfort or other discomforts. Vote wisely and do not sell your vote.

To avoid damages on your PVC, ensure that:

  • You do not sit on your PVC (this can lead to the destruction of its antenna)

  • You keep your PVC away from direct sunlight and heat

  • Your PVC does not get wet (keep it away from water or wet surface).


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