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Hello guys, in business or as an individual, your productivity can be measured by the rate of your output per the unit of input. Calculating the level of productivity can help you as a business owner or career person to effectively strategizes and be productive.

Productivity is the effectiveness of productive effort. One of the ways to think about productivity, is to have a combined knowledge of creative and critical thinking. Blending both aspects results in productive thinking. It is important to have an ability to criticize your thought and be innovative about them.

Think productivity; think Time Assets and Time Debts. These two factors will positively or negatively influence your productivity. Time assets are actions or choices we make today that will save our time in the future whereby, increasing our productive level. Time debts are actions or choices we make today that will cost us additional time in the future whereby reducing productivity.

Making an effort to think beyond your limit as a business owner or individual embodies the definition of productivity. This process involves thinking outside the box by approaching problems in new and innovative ways, and also conceptualizing problems differently.

However, two ways of thinking that can boost productivity are:

  1. Divergent Thinking: The divergent thinkers are the ones who generate ideas when faced with problems. Example; the times in your life when you have thoughts like, “How can I improve my skills and advance my career?” or “Should I move to this or that city?” are known as divergent thinking.

  2. Convergent Thinking: The convergent thinkers are those who analyze and sort their ideas in order to get the best outcome. Example of convergent thinkers revolves around thoughts like; “Which tasks should I focus on today?” or “I need to send this email ASAP”.

The frequency and the order in which you use them will determine not only your productivity, but also your ability to be effective and achieve your goals.

P.S: Sometimes new ideas are needed, but often a skillful application of old ideas is the key to success.

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