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Welcome to another mind-blowing episode of the Strugz tips. It takes a dedicated amount of time and energy to build good, strong and lasting business relationships; Lasting business relationships just don’t happen or develop without dedication and consistent work.

Ways to build lasting business relationships:

As a business owner, you need to build lasting relationships with your circle, clients and others for the growth of your brand. Below are ways you can build a lasting relationship:

  1. Be authentic

  2. Identify shared goals and values

  3. Develop mutual respect

  4. Share some vulnerability

  5. Make meaningful connections for people to network with each other

  6. Get more personal (plan something fun to do together)

  7. Let go of expectations

  8. Schedule brainstorming time and let your client know that you have got their back.

The types of business relationships you need to succeed:

I will mention the significant types of business relationships that you need to build as a Business owner. These relationships will project your brand to succeed.

  1. Customers: Customer relationship is very essential if you must succeed in your business. And the best way to build and grow strong customer relationships is to provide a quality product and exceptional service to earn their loyalty.

  2. Employees: It’s important that you build good relationship with your employees because, good relationship leads to employee’s happiness. Trust me, a happy and motivated employee will work harder for your company.

  3. Vendors: A great relationship with your vendor can help your business get the products or services you need faster, save you money and gives you a competitive edge in the marketplace, which ultimately helps your businesses grow

  4. Colleagues: As a legible business owner, we participate in trade shows, career fairs, conferences, business summits, also, we are members to educational/industry organizations. I encourage that you should develop interacting skills because, Interacting with colleagues can be a great way to expand your professional network, get new ideas, gain more expertise, and make new friends.

  5. Lender: it’s important to develop a great relationship with a lender you can trust because, lender relationships have the potential to transform your business in a way few other relationships can’t. A business loan can give you the capital to catapult your business to greater highest.

Kindly click on the video to watch and learn more about building long lasting business relationship and how it can help the growth of your business. Please don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube Channel (STRUGZ TIPS). Thank you.

P.S: Your Network is your Net worth

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