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Trust me guys, you don’t want to miss out on this topic. Kindly subscribe and watch the full video on my YouTube channel (Strugz Tips) because, this article is just a tip of the iceberg.

My channel is a diversified platform which is concerned about your legal rights. On this episode, I focused on how the law should protect you (us) as a citizen.

There has been lots of crimes within our country, and the case of sexual assault and rape is becoming alarming. It worries me when a male counterpart takes advantage of a female due to some circumstances and vice versa.

As a victim, I urge you to tell your story to the world for necessary prosecution. It is your right to get justice in the country according to section 357 of the criminal code and also section 282 of the penal code. You will find out on my video what The Law states about rape/assault victims.

Most at times, the rapist get away with the crime due to lack of concrete evidence. Therefore, they have to be some sort of legit prove that can be filed legally against the perpetrators without contradicting your testimony as a victim.

Here are tips of the things you need to do or not do if assaulted, to preserve the evidence against the perpetrator

  1. Ensure you get to a safe place. Somewhere far from the abuser

  2. Do not wash up after the incident, in-order to present the evidence of the semen or torn cloths

  3. Ensure you speak to someone about it immediately

  4. Visit the hospital because they can keep evidence after proper examinations and

  5. Report to any police station around you.

P.S: Time is essential, every sexual assault should be reported within a time frame in-order to preserve all necessary evidence.

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