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When companies or businesses are starting up, they often overlook the necessity of including legal support in the budget, because it’s viewed as a luxury, or not necessary, unless the business gets into a legal mess. But legal support and advice is important for businesses – at the startup phase, during the growth, development cycles, and throughout the life of the business.

Throughout the life of a business, legal guidance on a wide range of contracts will be necessary.

Working with a trusted legal advisor is exceptionally beneficial when the unexpected occurs

Below are some reasons you need a legal support and advice for your business:

  1. Advises you in taking decisions regarding the foundation of your company.

  2. Helps avoid or Settles Lawsuits.

  3. Ensure Proper Contract Management.

  4. Develop Credibility and Strong Relationships.

  5. Protect Your Intellectual Property.

  6. Successfully Navigate the Business Formation Process.

  7. Offers you legal representation.

  8. Dissolve a corporation.

  9. Prepares any legal document your business may need.

  10. Advises you on the steps to follow in case of a legal battle with customers or suppliers.

  11. Prepares corporate contracts (lease, sale, supply, transportation, insurance, etc.)

  12. Keeps you informed about changes that may affect your business.

  13. Offers advice on Administrative Law matters.

  14. Advices you on the necessary steps in order to develop certain business activities.

  15. Prepares employment contracts and ensures proper contract management.

  16. Offers support on bylaws amendments.

  17. Manages judiciary and extra-judiciary fees.

Hiring a lawyer can be a difficult decision, as they can sometimes be expensive. Before you hire a lawyer, ask yourself these three questions:

  1. What are the consequences if you are unsuccessful on your own?

  2. How complex is the law in your situation?

  3. Do you have the time and energy to handle the situation yourself?

P.S – It’s imperative you find a lawyer that suits your budget. Best believe it, every kobo you spend on legal counsel is always worth it!

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