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Hi guys, trust we all had an amazing weekend.

I am bringing to you yet another interesting topic most people tend to avoid.

Divorce in Nigeria is not usually a fun topic. Most people perceive it to be an offensive topic because of the stigma attached to it.

Unfortunately, Divorce is the reality of the world we live in. Most couples might decide after marriage that they do not want to uphold their marital vows thereby, seeking for Divorce.

Some important reasons for Divorce may include the under listed amongst others:

  1. Chronic domestic violence

  2. Intolerable behavior

  3. Infidelity.

Nigerian women are often times scared of coming out of unhealthy marriages, because the society considers women who opt for Divorce as a non-virtuous woman; but then, must someone be murdered, infected or otherwise for the success of any union?

We need to understand that some people can never change after several counselling and communication, rather the situation might get worst by the day.

If you ever find yourself in an unfortunate situation or an unhealthy relationship (marriage) and would like to file for a Divorce, that choice and option is all up to you.

The law is clear on the grounds of Divorce in Nigeria. Therefore, as a Nigerian, the under mentioned will help you to understand the necessary process and vital steps to take if you decide to opt for a Divorce.

  1. Your marriage must be at least two (2) years old, if your marriage is not up to 2 years, you will have to go through another route called ‘annulment’

  2. A petition must be filed which will include:

  • Suit number

  • Parties and status

  • Full names of both parties

  • Particulars (certificates) of marriage etc.

I elaborated more on the grounds and process to follow to file for a Divorce in my video. Head over to YouTube, subscribe to my channel (Strugz Tips) and watch the video.

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Thank you!

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