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LONELY is not a Word for Valentine’s Day!

Talking about ‘Love’ excites me and knowing that a day is set aside for the celebration makes me super-duper happy. From my previous Valentine’s posts, you can tell that “I love Love”. Lol…

Oftentimes we deprive ourselves of having adequate fun on Val’s day, using “Single Status” as an excuse. Fun times/moments and gifts can be shared among any group of people, not necessarily a spouse. Remember that Love is unconditional and knows no bound.

Well, I’m sure you don’t want to be bored today, I always encourage people to celebrate love while they have opportunity.

Here are the simple ways to infuse a little more excitement into your Valentine’s day with OR without a spouse:

1) Have a picnic: Lay a blanket with your favorite wine and spend a sweet, simple, thoughtful meal together with your spouse, friends, families or colleagues.

2) Attend silent Disco party: It’s a night dedicated to love, invite a person(s) from your contact to silent disco party and dance to your favorite songs.

3) [endif]Karaoke night: Music they say is LIFE. Sing along to your favorite music and stay happy.

4) [endif]Movies: Movie date is another fun activity to engage yourself with.

5) [endif]Games: Game night with your spouse or friends and families is an option for a fun filled day. Challenge each other to any adult game.

6) [endif]Dinner: Dinner with red roses and candles light up, relaxes the mind and it is awesome that this can be done with any one.

7) Go Shopping: Shopping makes most people happy. Treat yourself to something nice.

8) [endif]Charity visit: This factor is fulfilling and fun filled. The orphanage homes and homeless people also deserve to be loved.

Embrace the beauty of life, show love and be happy. Most importantly, BE PRESENT & BREATH *winks

Happy Valentine’s Day and have a love filled day.

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