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Preparing for a job interview is synonymous to preparing for a sales, marketing or business proposal pitch, in whichever case, we plan and make deliberate efforts to accomplish a “YES”. But, can this knowledge be said to be common, given the impressions recruiters or HR managers get daily from aspiring career professionals and job seekers whose major priority should include making a great impression from the very first point of contact till they are selected for the job role?

As a recruitment agency, we conduct series of interviews on a daily bases, which have afforded us the opportunity to interact with a diverse set of individuals ranging from:

  • Candidates with fail to adhere to basic job application instructions,

  • Candidates with tailored resume and can’t express themselves,

  • Candidates with tailored resume, can express themselves but lack necessary enthusiasm,

  • Candidates with non-tailored resume, can express themselves with necessary enthusiasm,

  • Etc.

You know, the above bullet points confirm that very few candidates understand that, the assessment process began from the very first day they submitted an application, by abiding to the rules of application. For instance, a recruiter may ask that only “qualified candidates” should apply, and why applying, should use the “Job Title” as the subject of the email; yet, some would still apply with subjects like: “job application”, “resume”, “no subject”, etc.

Now, if you were a recruiter with numerous job vacancies to fill, would you have the luxury of time and afford to give a benefit of doubt to check up these unspecified applications? And if you do, how do you determine the details of the position they applied for, with an inbox titled “attachment” and content of the email as: “find attached” “FYI”, “For Your Perusal” etc.?

The above stated, is just at the application stage alone, you can imagine the many troubles of a recruiter. Next, you find a resume that isn’t well tailored to the job role, though it has some basic requirements for the job. How, can this category of individual expect an interview invitation? So, this may not have been the work of “Village people”.

For those who scaled through the invitation stage, the main battle for impression has now begun. So, how would you ensure to make a great impression that’s indelible? For example, in an interview we conducted a week ago for the position of an accountant, we interviewed a young lady who made a great impression with her presentation, such that the entire panel endorsed her with a “YES”. Now this lady was recruited to work for a client (Employer) who called back to express satisfaction, who now uses her as a yardstick for the type of employee they want going forward. Impression matters a lot.

This brings us to the question: How can a candidate make a great impression on a job interview? Here’s a summarized response.

Before Application:

  • Pay attention to details of the application,

  • Apply only if you are qualified for the role,

  • Before you apply, make sure to edit and tailor your resume to suit the job role,

  • Etc.

During Application:

  • Use the right email subject as required for instance “Hotel Manager – Abuja”, etc.

  • Make the content of your email brief, understandable and straight to the point,

  • Research on the role and the organization before going for the interview,

  • Etc.


  • Be the very best version of yourself (appearance and dress-sense),

  • Stay where you were offered a seat, and move when you are required,

  • Use the restroom if you need to freshen-up,

  • Etc.

Interview Session:

  • If you feel tensed or excited after climbing the stairs, it’s okay if you request for a minute to calm down

  • Don’t form ascents, be real, be authentic, and be yourself.

  • Express yourself freely, and pay attention to emotional intelligence from the panel

  • Answer the questions you were asked, don’t be ambiguous with words

  • Convey enthusiasm all through your interaction with the panel

  • Etc.

Interview Session (Profile Marketing):

  • Market your potential in the best lights possible “A Can Do – Personality”

  • Lay bare the value you bring and why you would make a good choice if selected.

  • If you have other skills, talent or more value related to the role don’t hesitate to talk about it.

  • Etc.

Before I conclude, I’ll tell about an experience with a candidate who applied for a Hotel Manager role. This candidate was short-listed alongside others, more competent and experienced than him, for a second phase interview, after the first. He created his own advantage, by going the extra mile, with hard core evidence of the value he could bring on to the organization, if chosen. That was his selling point and strategy used to outshine his competition.

So, you can as well; Up Your Game.

STRUGZ wishes you the very best, with continual application of insights we share on our platforms.

Remember, STRUGZ is a human resource manager consultant, and we provide world class training for individuals and corporates anywhere around the globe.

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