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Hiring a new employee isn’t just bringing a new workforce member onboard, it is the beginning of a new relationship between the company, employer and the employee. Maintaining and managing this relationship is very consequential to business success, as strong relationships can lead to greater employee happiness and even increased employee productivity.

Employer and employee relationships should be interchangeably respectful. The extent of closeness in these relationships is dependent on both the employer and the employee as most employers choose to keep their employees at a distance and, in doing so, ensure that there is no confusion as to the hierarchy that exists between them. Others opt to become friendlier with their employees, seeing this as a way to boost employee happiness.

At STRUGZ, we believe that none of the options of employer and employee relationship is considered right or wrong. However, it is advisable for employers to avoid getting too close to employees, as doing so can cause the line between employer and employee to become blurred. The employer and employee relationship should be one of mutual reliance where the employer relies upon the employee to perform his/her job and, in doing so, keep the business running smoothly. Conversely, the employee relies upon their wages to provide financial support they require for themselves.

Just as with all relationships, the employer and employee relationship is one that must develop over time. This begins through crucial open communication with the employees since good and honest communication is the foundation of relationships. Sharing organizational updates with the team and building a relationship in which no one is afraid to speak up or ask questions, is very significant for building a great workplace.

Also, for a great workplace ethics, it is advisable to practice mutual respect during interactions and communication, avoiding the use of derogatory words or verbal abuse on employees/subordinates as this might cause a tint in the level of their self-esteem which in turn affects productivity in the work place.

Showing the employee/subordinate that you care, and giving them some level of recognition is key in building strong employee relations, which form a great part of our advocacy at STRUGZ.

STRUGZ can help your organization get the "employer-employee relationship" right through well structured and cutting edge training programs designed to help employers and employees have a strong, healthy relationship among themselves; because, with a healthy relationship between both parties, the entire company benefits. Studies show that employees who have mutually respectful relationships with their employers are more likely to be happy, loyal and productive in the long run.

STRUGZ is a Public Relations, Legal, Business Management and Training Consulting Firm, with a passion to help corporate organizations like yours, build great workplace relationships, explore new opportunities and maximize profit potentials.

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