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Need To Upscale Your Team’s Performance? HERE’S WHAT YOU CAN DO.

As an employer, or a human resource manager, there are times you can’t just overlook the need to reinforce and upscale your team’s performance by conducting a research or survey on what works, test-running ideas, adopting and consolidating on what yields the best results for organizational growth and progress.

How then, can one ascertain the need or be sure when it is time to trigger any of the factors required for up-scaling team’s performance? The answer to this question lies on your current organizational objectives, detailed assessment of where you are, when (time), and what you want to achieve as a team. From this, we can deduce the following answers and more:

v If organizational objectives aren’t been met in the way, manner and time it ought to be achieved, then there’s a need.

v If your entire team or set of team members aren’t meeting up to expectations, there’s a need.

v If you have or plan for: a robust corporate future; organizational expansion, in services, facilities, tools and equipment handling; etc. there’s a need.

v If you plan to prepare your team members ahead of foreseen industrial challenges, forecast, or competitions, there’s a need.

v When you promote your employees to greater and demanding positions, there’s a need to upscale their capacity for what’s ahead and expected of them.

v Etc.

Routines can become boring, stale and unproductive, if as an employer you fail to heed the warning signs for precise and necessary actions, or change, required to continuously harness the best of your workforce potentials. So, what can an employer or human resource manager do to upscale and achieve its performance delivery targets?

What works for workforce A may not apply to workforce B, because the motivating factor differs with regards to humans and work in general. However, here are some common things that uniquely applies with regards to actively up-scaling and deliberately engaging your workforce for a performance drive.

1. Clarity of objectives and expectations

2. Human Capital Training

3. Workforce Capacity Building

4. Employee Rewards/Compensations Programs

Clarity of Objectives and Expectations:

It has been proven, that anyone who sets out on a journey without defining where they are headed, and how they intend to get there, would continue to go in circles. If as a team, the objectives aren’t clearly stated, as well as the expectations, the desired organizational result would continue to be distant.

We’ve observed in the course of human resource management, that communication, methods or the adopted channels of communication, as well as other factors could be the very reason for incoherence, ambiguity or gap in understanding the set objectives and expectations of an organization. However, this can be improved, by: creating/sharing/communicating the list of objectives and expectations in the simplest way, having a road-map on how to get there, and holding a conversation with team members for contributions, mind synergy and necessary collaborations to ensure everyone know what is expected of them.

Human Capital Training:

It’s no longer news, to know that learning is a continuous process that occurs every day, and the very moment it stops, depreciation sets in. The same holds true for every human activity across all sectors of life or industry; because, competitors are always busy getting better and using every tool in their arsenals to achieve it, of which its human capital resource ranks top priority (as an employer).

The drive to keep the market share and have more, is what necessitates the need for improvement across board; of which research, discoveries and application of knowledge takes the lead. Human capital has always been the driver of all other organizational sectors, be it automation, programming, finance, quality control, service delivery, etc. and, none of this can be achieved without quality training for the human capital, with vastly researched knowledge.

It is worthy to note here that outsourcing training to HR organizations is very much advised. It comes with well-designed learning strategy that suit the client needs, objectives and expectations; this has been proven over time to be very effective for up-scaling team performance and organizational growth.

Workforce Capacity Building:

Now that you have hired a new team member, created a new team, promoted an employee or looking to place employees in strategic positions, etc. capacity building and development wouldn’t be a bad idea. It is highly recommendable, to build the capacity of your workforce in the best way you want them to serve your organization’s objective.

As an employer, if you leave capacity building to each employee, quality of the learning process and objectives may not be well covered. However, you can determine who handles the capacity building program, with the quality, direction and objective of your organization in focus; by contracting organizations with mastery on capacity building and capability development, like STRUGZ.

Employee Rewards/Compensation Program:

The reward for hard work is more work, so the adage says; however, could this be effective for continuous motivation and performance improvement? Research has shown that most organizations have challenges with regards to employee rewards/compensation and productivity.

How about including in the options of your rewards and compensation program, rewards like: SPA treatments, all-expense paid holidays, sponsored weekend trips, shopping vouchers, movie tickets, MBA programs, employee chosen training programs, and professional certifications, etc. and, it’s even amazing that these options can be contracted to human resource management companies, to help your employees get the best, because they deserve it.

At STRUGZ, we can help your organization get only the best for its employees anytime and anywhere around the world. We have a track record of unrivaled success in handling activities of managing plans that help businesses (small, medium and large) upscale the performance of its workforce, while working with their budget. Kindly navigate to the contact page of this website to let us know how we can be of service to you.

Cheers, do have a productive week ahead.


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